Bewildering Parashar Lake

Photo of Bewildering Parashar Lake 1/4 by Aman
Photo of Bewildering Parashar Lake 2/4 by Aman
Photo of Bewildering Parashar Lake 3/4 by Aman
Mighty Mountains
Photo of Bewildering Parashar Lake 4/4 by Aman
Glimpse of Parashar Lake

Every time we heard of Parashar Lake, trekking comes to our mind. This time when we went to Mandi, we got to know that there is a road to Parashar Lake. We started from Mandi to the road leading to Parashar lake via IIT Mandi. The road then goes ahead till 9 km from Parashar Lake when you find Tarmac Road and your heart starts pounding with each stone hitting your base. After 8 km, the road was smooth for 1 km and the lake comes. The Lake is not visible from the road itself. You need to tread to the hill from where the site of the lake comes first. The temple erecting near the lake and few localites were there to pay homage to the temple.

The lake was too serene and tranquil that your heart refuses to move back to the home. The peace that this place offers is too stunning. We’re spellbound by the scenic beauty this place to offer. Greenery all around the place and the lake is just in the mid of the small valley. You can pitch your tent in the valley or can take Forest Rest house if one needs to accommodate for night. After roaming around and appreciating the mountains and the view there, we finally went back to continue the journey ahead.