Agra-Timelessly historical

1st Oct 2014
Photo of Agra-Timelessly historical 1/7 by Nayana Roychoudhury
the one at the white paradise
Photo of Agra-Timelessly historical 2/7 by Nayana Roychoudhury
the one with the group
Photo of Agra-Timelessly historical 3/7 by Nayana Roychoudhury
the one against the wall
Photo of Agra-Timelessly historical 4/7 by Nayana Roychoudhury
the one when we got tired
Photo of Agra-Timelessly historical 5/7 by Nayana Roychoudhury
the one though the crafted wall
Photo of Agra-Timelessly historical 6/7 by Nayana Roychoudhury
the one in the car
Photo of Agra-Timelessly historical 7/7 by Nayana Roychoudhury
the one at the agra fort

The plan was born by the end of September 2014 when me and my friends (all of us are currently studying in Delhi university) were endlessly bored of our monotonous college life. Agra is just kilometers away from Delhi and despite the fact that we all had been in the place with our respective families as a child,none of us thought that visiting the place again isn't a fine idea.And indeed we were right.

Everything about the trip was special.We started our journey in one my friend's SUV where all the 6 of us were packed to the rafters :p.We started at 8 in the morning so we conveniently reached the place by 11 am.We booked a rocky camel cart to travel the distance from the parking lot to the gate.The gate was nevertheless flooded with guides who would could do anything to prove their credibility.With a few disagreements solved on whether to hire a guide or not we finally tagged one along with us.He helped us to get the tickets easily without waiting in the terribly long queue.By 12 pm,we were inside the mahal gate.Well there are two identical gates on either side and on the centre of which lies the taj mahal.The guide explained the facts of the place and th significance of its architecture.After a splendid 2 hours of walking through the mahal and getting totally mesmerised by is beauty we bade the guide goodbye who was sweet enough to give us special student discounts :p We then headed for some on the way shopping outside the other gate and finally found ourselves a decent place to have our lunch in.So the Taj mahal was done but Agra wasn't.So rather than heading home right after visiting the taj mahal,we thought of moving towards Agra fort.Apparently,history doesn't capture much of an information on Agra fort as compared to the taj mahal but it's beauty is worth our admiration.We covered the place in an hour and finally left it at around 5 pm when we thought that it was getting pretty dark and we better gear back home.On the way we stopped to satisfy our petha cravings at one of the many panchi petha stores on the road.We also got down near the Mathura toll gate on our way back and captured the last snaps of that memorable day.With my head just at the window to let my hair growl with the wind and the speeding car,we reached backed Delhi by around 8 pm when we bade each other a goodbye.

If you plan to visit the place anytime,you should expect a journey to a place of timeless history.You'll get to know much more about the real reason behind the making of the taj mahal and what led to the fall of the Mughals.

As a tip I'd suggest to carry stuffs like a hat and sunglasses to beat the heat when visiting the place in sunny times.Footwear better be flats because you don't want swollen feet to eclipse the fun.Take a guide even if the tiny miser voice at the back of the head refuses.The guide knows his job well and I bet you'll discover things you never knew about the place with him.The "not that elite" crowd is just a hype.You can put on anything that you think is decent.

This spot is undoubtedly one of the most famous places to visit in India. You will get insights to the mughal dynasty and the reason for it's mortal reign along with views of breathe taking beauty of the mahal.
This is yet another masterpiece of history is a UNESCO world heritage site.The place where Aunrangzed held Shah jahan captive and where Shah Jahan later died.