A weekend get away.

3rd Jan 2023
Photo of A weekend get away. by Ambika Sharma
Day 1

Rishikesh. The place that I love visiting. Each time I go there I happen to find something new. The people come there from across the globe to experience the pious vibes and livelihood.
So, me and my friend were having a conversation over how exhausted we both are feeling due to some personal things going on in our lives. And we decided on going out for a short trip for a day. The first place that always comes to my mind is Rishikesh. It's closest and easy to reach for us because we live in Meerut.
Then what? ...
We booked bunks for us, picked the bike keys and within 20 min we were on the road heading towards our loving city.
It took around 4 hrs to reach there. We freed our shoulders from our bags after checking in the hostel. And headed towards the ghat by walking.
Spent about an hour there soaking in the fresh air and calmness. After taking in the breeze we moved towards the streets near Ram jhula to feed up our belly and happened to reach at choti wala but they had stopped serving at that time. So we decided to go back to our hostel. And came across the guy  jamming on his guitar surrounded by a dozen people. We stopped there and sang along with him with the crowd. That was an experience.
We finally found a nice and quiet place to dine in Ganga kinare and Feast our bellies.
That's how day 1 ended.

Photo of A weekend get away. by Ambika Sharma
Photo of A weekend get away. by Ambika Sharma