Backpacking with Bestfriend πŸ‘«

15th Apr 2020
Day 1

Have you ever travelled with your guy bestfriend? 

Do you a have bestfriend who shares a same 

birthday with you? #13thFebruary. (Thats how scary and horrible we are too) 😝

Down the memory lane 🌩️

Once upon a time, I had a bestfriend and we travelled. ⚑⚑⚑

Never it's easy to convince your parents and go on a backpack trip with you're guy bestfriend. 

It wasn't easy for us too. But we had our tickets booked and we flew with zero money in the pockets. That's what aquarians do, right? We just risk to do whatever the heart says. 

Intially, We had no plan. No money, and we travelled 4500kms together .

Ask me how? It's a secret 🀫  hahaha...

We had our flight tickets booked in advance till DELHI with couple of our friends in the beginning, but they happened to cancel and we didn't want to call off the trip,Tried to convince our parents which didn't happen. So everything was a NO in the beginning.  But managed to catch the flight and we landed in delhi. Trust me , Intially we had 3,000 and 10days in our hands, and we are in Delhi metro planning where to go. 

We reached Kashmiri gate, while eating our Chole bature we were arguing if we have to go Kasol or Rishikesh, using our brains we checked the prices of the public transport (Govt. Buses) for Kasol it was 700 per head and to Rishikesh it was 250 per head, which is the better option? Oh yes. We taught the same too, and in next 6hours we reached Rishikesh. 

Staright away we checked in at a hostel, @ BUNKSTAY. 

That was the very first time in my life I stayed in hostel, sharing my room with 4 strangers from different parts of the world and it was a bunk bed.

  So this hostel has a rooftop cafe with a whole view of Rishikesh, So sipping our free evening chai with a perfect view with some good music. That's the point we took a long breath and said to ourselves, We made it to Rishikesh, we couldn't ask for more , except for some good dinner πŸ˜›

Walked down the hill to grab some dinner, we went up to a cafe that's serving expensive menu but the vibe there was lit, so we ordered the cheapest one from the menu, Guess what? (black coffee) my boy loves black coffee so it's not cheap for the taste buds, while talking about the taste buds we got some buds at the cafe 🍁 as a gift. So yeah ordering a coffee wasn't a waste bruh.

Walking down the street we smoked one and grabbed some dinner at the local market and some juice and climbing up the hill was task for me, but I had my friend who pushed me and I landed directly at the hostel, thats how I managed to climb up the hill the next two days. 

We staright up went to the rooftop , there was a bonfire night and a friend was playing guitar the temperature was down to 4 degrees, everyone sings and smiles. That moment was the Rishikesh magical moment β™₯️

Got back to the bunk bed, so there is one more interesting part about the hostel, you find art at every corner. Like all the walls are covered so beautiful with some kind of art or messages that bring a smile on your face.

Wokeup shivering to a perfect view, planned our day had some good breakfast and headed for the day, we checked out some beautiful temples around, and for the evening sunset we came back to river ganges by cleansing our feet we had our chai and slowly walked back to hostel.

That was our last night at Rishikesh.

So we had some drinks , sang some songs, shared some stories around the bonfire and  carried a lot of memories with us.

So me and my friend, all we wanted to experience was snow. We didn't know where to go next, but we made sure will go wherever it snows.

So someone told us about AULI, which is 250kms (approx) from Rishikesh, we taught that was the best idea, cos auli also offers skiing. Who doesn't want to go when there is snow and skiing. The next destination was fixed. We packed our luggage to leave rishikesh the next morning.

So my friend always  suggest to take cold shower no matter the temperature is, that morning I risked to do that in 5degrees temperature. But that was the best decision made. It kept me refreshed for the next 12hours, yeah so we took public transport from Rishikesh to Auli.

These buses in the North they drive only till the sunsets, to reach Auli form Rishikesh we crossed four different rivers and around 5pm we reached Joshimath, so reaching auli on the same was mission impossible. 

The buses dropped at the last point and the cable cars were closed by 5pm. We planned to stay back at Joshimath and start auli next morning.

We walked around Joshimath, as the Alkananda river flows through. As we walked by we saw a sign board, which shows towards right 10kms Auli, towards left 10kms Badrinath, and we taught why not Badrinath. We asked a local  if we can go to Barinath and if there is snowing there cos snow is the priority 😝 , the locals from joshimath told us Badrinath is going to be shut in next three days as it's open only for 6months in a year. They recommend us to go Badrinath then Auli, cos there was no snow in auli from a week.

We chose to  go Badrinath next morning we took a taxi and that 10kms ride was to die for 😍

We reached Badrinath,  as it was going to be shut in next two days. We didn't find accommodation. But guess who saved us? Indian military service. 

Yessss, true that. They provided us their rooms. I know what you are thinking, what are military people doing there? Don't worry il be clear with that also, there is a village called Mana from Badrinath which is 2kms away. Mana is the last village of India, yass that's true, so you cross Mana you are in China 😝

That is why military people are at the border. Saving us from the border at the bad weather condition they also saved us by giving accomodation with room heaters 😭

Me and my friend went for food hunting but everything in Badrinath was shut. It was hardly maggie we could find. Shivering at 1degree. We walked to Badrinath temple. I remember my grandmon saying it takes minimum 5hours to get a darshan at the temple. But we had our darshan in less that 5minutes. There were hardly 20 tourists in Badrinath apart from military people. 

With a barefoot at 1degrees we came out of the temple and it started to snow ( please imagine how perfect that was)

That was my first snow fall experience and trust me i felt like cindrella (cos barefoot :p).

That moment was Badrinath magical moment.

We didn't ask or wish for anything more. We sat down at the temple for a while it was getting colder and colder.

So we walked by, and guess what? We were served some sizzling hot delicious dinner outside the temple with the dessert followed by.

With happy tummies we walked down to our room, followed by next morning we wanted to check mana village but my friend wanted to trek up the mountain, why not? We went up the mountain. It was only me him and a mountain full of snow. He gave me some warnings like " if you find a bear act like you are dead " πŸ™„

What do you do when there is a lot of snow. Yes we did that too. We made a small snow man. A big heart and hit ourselves with snow balls. β›„

(Oh my friend, if you are reading this please take me back? πŸ™„)

We came back , as the oxygen levels are getting down the military people suggested us to leave the place. So we went to the busstop finding our way back to Rishikesh or Haridwar( truely we weren't planned)

There is only one bus that was available. But the driver wants to see the bus full., There were hardly 20 people , we waited for hours and hours it was getting damn cold. We got so stonned parallely.

Finally after 4hours the driver decided to start. That ride was one hell of a ride. It was like we sat on a rollacoaster for next 10hours πŸ™„

We decided to go haridwar,but we ended up again in Rishikesh.

We got down in rishikesh this time we checked in at a different hostel, it rained the next day so we relaxed at the hostel

And there we were left with the last two days of our trip.

So we decided to spend a day in delhi. We got back to Delhi. We went clubbing. Drank too much. And laughed around the streets.

Oh yes, we had our Delhi moment too. But this time it wasn't magical. We fought big time.πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

We got back to the airport, we didn't talk the next one week after we came back to Hyderabad. πŸ™„

But yeah, what are bestfriends when there is no fight?

But what if there is no friendship anymore? 🌚

All I have are some heartfull of best memories to live for β™₯️

If I had something to choose , I would definitely choose my Backpack Bestfriend, I wish to travel with you all over the 🌍

And that's how we travelled 4,500kms for 10days hand in hand πŸ™ƒ

When I left for this first BackPack trip with my guy bestfriend. I carried all my world(unnecessary items) in the bag which weighed up to 15kgs. 

 If I have chance to go on one more backpack trip with the same person I would carry him and nothing else β˜ΊοΈ

I just cannot stop thinking about those 10days 🌚

With a waaarm smile and lots of love

-  Chow 

And we flew with brave hearts

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Rishikesh moment

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Rooftop stories

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Bonfire , drinks and stories

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Rishikesh , the yoga captial of world

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Snowfall moment

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

And he plays infinite songs

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Bunkstay days

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Up above the clouds

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow
Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

We wish the time freezed not us

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

And the roads dowm

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Chasing the clouds and mountains

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Rishikesh vibe

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Art corners

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow


Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow


Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow


Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow


Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

The badrinath temple which is open 6months a year

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

We walk and walk and walk

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow
Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Wandering and travelling

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Hey Joshimath πŸ‘‹

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Snow covered our hearts warm

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow

Lots of love to badrinath

Photo of Badrinath by Alekhya chow