Things to do in Shillong

8th Nov 2017
Photo of Things to do in Shillong by Shruti Jain

The very first thing you see while entering the city is the spectacular sight of ‘Umiam Lake’. Believe me you will not be able to take your eyes off this gorgeous lake while entering the city.

Apart from being one of the major spot for festival hosting, Ward Lake offers serene view to travellers. Try the Bamboo Hut Lake cafe in the compound of Ward lake where you can binge on local food and enjoy the view at the same time. You can also get a picture done in ‘Khasi attire’ and trust me it looks beautiful.

Interested in knowing about the seven sisters of north east, then this is the place for you. You will get the representation of all the states and get to know about their people and culture under one roof. The whole museum is spread across different floors where each floor provides you information about different things related to seven sisters like: Politics, Culture, food, lifestyle etc. And and and don’t miss the sky walk on the terrace which gives you a 360 view of entire Shillong.

A little far away from the city, Elephant falls is a very busy spot for travellers. You have to hike a little in order to reach the falls. But once you’ll reach the falls, you will be surprised with the enchanted view. You may have to wait for a while in order to get that perfect picture (coz of the crowd) but I’m sure it will be all worth it.

Firstly this place is all flooded with great hotels and also the major shopping spots. So if you are looking to stay in Shillong with a great connectivity, then Police Bazaar has to be on your itinerary. Whether you are looking to buy that perfect ghost chilli pickle or the perfect pair of boots, Police bazaar has all of it. Plus, it’s only 10min away from the Ward Lake.

Photo of Police Bazar, Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Shruti Jain
Photo of Police Bazar, Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Shruti Jain

Apart from being the host location for the International Cherry Blossoms festival of India, Shillong also offers you with some stunning sightseeing spots. You will find a perfect mix of all the cultures of northeast being embraced in the most amazing way.

I spent around 4 days in Shillong while attending the incredible Cherry blossoms festival. And here is what I explored in and around Shillong:

Umiam Lake

Ward Lake

Don Bosco Museum

Elephant Falls

Police Bazaar Shopping

Getting there:

Guwahati Airport is the closest one to Shillong. There is a also one small airport at Umroi, about 35 km from Shillong as well, it has fewer flight options as opposed to Guwahati Airport.

Guwahati Railway Station is also well connected to almost all parts of country.

Hotels in Shillong

Though we went there without prior booking but i would recommend booking in advance as in peak season, its hard to find a good hotel on the spot. We couldn't find a hotel in Police Bazaar, so we stayed at Blue Pine hotel in GS Road which was well connected with all parts of city and was beautiful inside.

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