A summer romance with Miami

18th Sep 2015

We kept the best for the last. This was our last trip before flying back home a week later. And boy, was it a wise decision. It turned out to be the most exciting trip in the most beautiful city – just what the doctor ordered!

It started out with a lot of excitement, and why not, it was Miami! We raved about it for a week before going there. It dominated all of our conversations. We were so excited to get there that we didn’t even mind the waiting time at the airports or the checking in and checking out of the airport, the long walk to the rental car station, flight delays, the usual travel hassles.

When the flight was approaching Miami it was about midnight, and looking out the window, the view was breath-taking. It was as if you were flying over a valley full of treasures and surrounded by water.

After our airport troubles we landed at our hotel in South Beach, Miami at about 3 AM. The drive, needless to say, was beautiful, and the first time we saw palm trees all of us involuntarily smiled. To people like us who live in a city where the ‘night life’ ENDS at 1 AM, this was a dream. This is what was happening on the streets at 3 AM.

Photo of A summer romance with Miami 1/4 by Amit Kumar

The streets were lit up like it was 9 pm and the party was just starting. Who were we to judge?! After all, when in Rome...! So, we went to our hotel and got ready for a night (there was plenty of it left still!) of revelry.

As we stepped out we realized the town is made of beautiful. The first place we stepped into was this salsa bar called “Mangoe’s”. It came highly recommended by some of my friends who had been here. As we made our way to the bar, I saw what I think was the most beautiful bartender I have seen in my life. My fellow revellers in the club were completely oblivious of the world around them or the time of the night. The general vibe of the place would make you want to move and have fun, even if you have 12 left feet like me. This is where worries came to die and life happened.

Eventually the night did wind down at about 5 am and we staggered back to our beds. The walk home was accompanied by the usual after party scenes of happy, drunk, loud people. Some of them making choices they would regret in the morning, or not. But hey, welcome to Miami!

The morning was scheduled at the beach. When we walked out of the hotel into daylight, it was, believe it or not, even more beautiful. Bright sunshine, and light reflecting off the white sand of the beach –  this was the view that greeted us from the hotel window.

Photo of A summer romance with Miami 2/4 by Amit Kumar

Everything about this place was beautiful – the view, the sun, the wind that touched your face, the people, Oh My God, the people. Side note: If you have self esteem issues, certainly not the place for you (Hah!). Everyone is so damn beautiful and a living specimen of human perfection.

Slightly hung over but encouraged by the sight, sunglasses on, we headed to the beach. Now, I have to say I love beaches as much as I fear heights (and boy, do I feat heights – read about it here: https://outtherelooking.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/the-us-chapter-1-when-the-ground-beneath-my-feet-vanished/). Needless to say then, heading to this one, I was very excited, and it did not disappoint. Pristine white sand, clear blue water and a bright sun-filled sky. Aah! I had reached heaven. This was certainly my happy place.

From then on I almost forgot about the rest of the world and the next 4 or 5 hours were a daze. It was only when I realized I was pruning and almost coming out of my skin and my fellow travellers had headed back to the hotel that I decided I better head back with mixed emotions. My only consolation being this was about sunset time and the town was readying itself for the craziness that is Miami!

Photo of A summer romance with Miami 3/4 by Amit Kumar

I understood that’s what life was like here. You chill out the whole day and then party the whole night. In its truest sense, this was a vacation town.

While the others decided to take a power nap to prepare for the night, I decided I had no time to waste. So I headed out for a walk to see what kind of creatures roamed this town. There was this air of no one being in a hurry, which was refreshing. Usually, everything in a city is a race against time. But here, Life had slowed down and handed you a Pina Colada and sat you down in a rocking chair. There is something for everybody here.

If you just want to relax and sip a drink, welcome to Miami! If you want to go nuts and party all night in a club, welcome to Miami!

When I got back, everyone was ready to party the night away. Given that this was a beach town and based on my previous experiences, I decided to wear shorts and Chucks. I got some disapproving looks from my friends, but what the heck, I was on vacation! It’s only when I was standing in the queue to get inside this club called Mansion is when I realized my mistake. Gorgeous people everywhere, and no one was as underdressed as I was. So tip: Always dress up for a club in Miami (Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Oh well, I was on vacation! :)).

Photo of A summer romance with Miami 4/4 by Amit Kumar

Needless to say the night was epic. And the club, I later found out is one of the most popular ones in the city. We landed there just by chance. The drinks are quite expensive, so if you decide to drink a lot here, you will easily be thrown off budget. Let’s just say, all of us were thrown off budget that night.

Another day came after a night well spent. Because this was our last day there, it was a little sad. I wasn’t ready to let go of the beach yet so I headed back to it one last time while the rest of the party went shopping for souvenirs. When they returned after lunch, it was time to head to the airport. So, with a heavy heart and a lot of reluctance, we said bye to the city. Having spent 3 days in Miami, we had not had enough of it. But then, I found myself asking, could one possibly EVER have enough of Miami? In my humble opinion, the answer is a definite and resounding ‘NO’!

So, how was it? It was like a summer romance. It was great while it lasted, but then, it was time to head back to school. It was an experience that I would always remember. It is something that has shaped my self. It is definitely something that is going to be a yardstick for all future experiences. It was AWESOME!