A day at the Captivating Juhu Beach

13th Oct 2014
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Sayonara of the Sun
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The Mortals
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The Mortals-2
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Waves at the Shore
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The Sweepstakes
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The August Trees

Juhu Beach is one of the most celebrated tourist spot of Mumbai, located in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is located in a suburb named Juhu and is encompassed by Arabian Sea.

The Beach is a popular tourist attraction throughout the year and is also a favorite destination for shooting of several films, mainly Bollywood. The beach receives more footfall on weekends which mostly comprises of families and couples. The Food Center or Food Court at its main entrance is very prominent for its 'Mumbai style' street food, mainly Bhelpuri, Pani Puri, Shevpuri, Vadapav etc.

Different carriages mainly pulled by horses are available on the beach to offer rides to tourists for a nominal fee while different activities such as Acrobats, Dancing monkeys, Children playing cricket matches or football and sellers selling a variety of commodity mainly catch the attention of the tourist's.

One more reason why the  beach is among the most popular sites in the city is because of its annual Ganesh Chaturthi festival where lakhs of people arrive on the beach to adjudge some massive and grand processions, some carrying idols of the Lord Ganesh of various sizes to be immersed in the water at the beach, and some just to enjoy and be a part of the festivities. Moreover, Juhu Beach is a popular spot for Planespotting as it is situated directly under a flight path for the Mumbai Airport, this also becomes a reason that more and more people and definetly kids throng to this place for enjoyment and being close to the nature.

Visiting the beach is almost an amazing experience everytime because the beach has to offer a lot of things at a time, Not only it is a beach situated on the banks of some sea, but it is a place where thing come live and watching everything happening around becomes an admirable experience. The best thing about this place is also its temperature, which is always moderate, be it summer or the winters, the only season one should avoid visiting the beach is the rainy season, where things may turn violent from the nature's side.

Whenever one visits the place, it feels that the aura of the place has a certain kind of charm attached to it because the weather, the surroundings, the people there and almost everything support each other to make this place as harmonious as possible. Being at this place during the sunset or the sunrise is another amazing experience one should never miss if they have a chance to visit this beach.

One more thing which adds to the uniqueness of this place is that most of the celebrities of the famous Bollywood industry have their homes in his locality. So, if you are there, and by mistake you see any celebrity around, don't panic, just be happy that it became possible after you visited this place.

I say, visit this place once,and you will never judge your decision of visiting this place. Ever!