Prost! The Oktoberfest has begun. - Travelling Again


The world's largest folk festival - the Oktoberfest officially started yesterday with the tapping of the first barrel of beer by the mayor of Munich.

Photo of Munich, Germany by Nikhar

- 60,00,000 litres of Oktoberfest beer (stronger than the usual German beer)

- Maß (Mass) - the world famous 1 litre Oktoberfest beer mug

- More than 6 million people over a period of 16 days

- 14 massive tents with their unique styles of music

- The uber-hot looking - jaw dropping Drindl (costume the ladies don during the fest)

- Super dizzying rides and the courage to take them after consuming litres of beer

- The distinctive Bavarian culture

- The fight for a place in the U-Bahn U4/U5 to reach the venue 'Theresienwiese' followed by the fight for a place in the tent followed by the fight for a place on the table

Without a doubt, Oktoberfest or Wiesn (as the locals call it) is one heck of a crazy, over the top experience.

Photo of Prost! The Oktoberfest has begun. - Travelling Again by Nikhar

Expect to make a lot of new friends, to dance until the music is on, to be unwillingly pushed out of the tent when the party is over and then head to other bars with your new friends or some place more private if you get lucky ????

Don't forget to pee before you leave the venue or else you might end up running around on the subway stations to finally embarrass a tree on some street! Or is that a memory of a lifetime ????

Are you gonna be one of the 6 million this year? Or is Oktoberfest on your bucket list?

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