Missing out on Oktoberfest? Don't you worry, Frülingsfest is there.

Photo of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, Alte Römerstraße, Dachau, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, Alte Römerstraße, Dachau, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Munich, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Munich, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Munich, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Munich, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Munich, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Munich, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Munich, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi
Photo of Munich, Germany by Swagatika Sarangi

Hold on people! I know how heartbreaking it is to see all those snaps on Snapchat, Instagram posts and Facebook pictures of Oktoberfest. And how much you wanna be there right now, not caring about anything and just sipping on those German beers while dancing away in Munich.

I'm here to tell you that, you my friend have another opportunity to experience the same in just another 6 months. I'm talking about Frühlingsfest!! Commonly known as Springfest or the little bro of Oktoberfest. This takes place usually during the last few weeks of April. Definitely a good way to welcome Spring.

Let me tell you why Frühlingsfest should be on your next To-Do list of 2017.

1. Takes place at the same exact location as Oktoberfest with a tad bit smaller "bier" halls.

Oktoberfest has 14 beer halls whereas Frühlingsfest has 4. But that doesn't make it less happening. These halls are usually packed, you have to carefully strategise your moves to get a table all to yourself. The halls go crazy and can hold almost 10,000 drunk happy people(yes, it was great). If the weather's good, you might get lucky for the outdoor beer hall as well.

2. The beer and your-face-covering-sized-Pretzels are the main reason to go obviously

Beer and pretzels both cost around 10€ and are something you should indulge in as much as possible. Don't forget to click some great pictures with the pretzel covering your face. As the day goes, you start on sipping that beer and your socialising increases which helps you squeeze into tables with unknown people. Trust me, that's the fun part. Getting drunk with strangers, flirting, and making memories.

3.You can wear the Bavarian dress code and maybe get a few free drinks????

Germans have a very traditional dressing up style for this fest. Girl can rock a "dirndl" blouse, bodice usually with leather shoes so that they make noise while you dance away freely. For guys, Bavarian style alpine hate with ostrich feathers, a tratchen in white, blue, red, or green, the absolute necessary is the lederhosen, knee socks and leather boots. You'll truly feel German. Maybe you can get some company with your amazing looks.

4. Sing out loud to the German music.

When I am writing this, I can still hum the tunes of those German songs. You won't understand anything unless you know German. But when you're drunk with your friends, words just flow out and you enjoy the German songs too! You definitely will get up and start dancing with the best of them.

5. You rediscover your friends.

No, don't call me crazy for saying this. I said the aforementioned line by experience. One of my friend got really drunk and tipped the washroom lady a 20€ note while the other just started dancing to "hello from the other side" on the road. Oh, and another one of my friend just left randomly and got lost(she did make it back to the hostel we were staying in though. We still don't know how). No one remains the same after drinking 4-5litres of German Beer. I can guarantee you'll see a different side of your friends, make sure to record everything to recall it the next day.

6. Rides and food stalls

The Frühlingsfest has all kinds of fun rides and mouth watering food. (Mostly, a bit high price). But you gotta be careful. Drinking two litres of beer and going on a roller coaster is definitely not a good idea. You can indulge yourself in delicious pizzas, langos, currywurts, bratwurst, giant sized cotton candy, fruits covered in chocolate and so much more.

7. Going around in Munich is an easy cake walk. (Unless you get way too drunk and forget the directions)

People usually complain that Germany is boring as compared to Italy,Spain or France but what they don't see is how convenient it is in Germany. You don't have to wait more than 2-3mins for a bus,tram or metro. The public transportation is amazing and cheap. You have the U-bahn which directly takes to the ground and just a walk up the stair you see a huge Ferris wheel which will make you happy as a unicorn.

8. You can surf in the warm water of the Englisher Garten

Now, Munich is one of the sunniest city in Germany and those German people will show you how they take out their spring fest hangover- by lying down on the grass of Englisher Garten, one of the largest urban public park bigger than Central Park in New York! The most famous eye catching thing you'll see is people surfing in the river. Some are even dressed as monkeys! That is something you don't want to miss.

9. You'll discover another beautiful city

What do I say about Munich? Oh! So pretty! Munich is the second most famous place in Germany after Berlin and I would agree to that. You can see the infamous Allianz Arena and the Neuschwanstein castle( Disney castle) in one visit. Ooh, and for all the history as well as non-history lovers( Not sure if that's a word), you all should check out the Dachau Concentration Camp in Munich. It is something which will make you feel privileged to be living this life right now

10. Come on! Don't you wanna PROST at least once in your life?

Where: Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest Field), Munich

Cost: the entry to the beer halls is fee of cost however a huge mug of beer (one litre) is 10€. Beer is served after 4PM on the opening day.

Time: Daily from 11AM to 11PM(11.30PM on Fridays and Saturdays)

How to reach : Take the U Bahn no 4 or 5 to Theresienwiese, or you can leg it 15min south-west from the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station).


Until next time!

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