Lansdowne Expedition

30th Jan 2016
Photo of Lansdowne Expedition 1/8 by swativerma
Photo of Lansdowne Expedition 2/8 by swativerma
Photo of Lansdowne Expedition 3/8 by swativerma
Photo of Lansdowne Expedition 4/8 by swativerma
ShantiRaj Hill View Resort
Photo of Lansdowne Expedition 5/8 by swativerma
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Photo of Lansdowne Expedition 8/8 by swativerma

It was January 30th, my last academic semester. There was no course work this time, but just a project. Initially, I was happy for having nothing to do but within few days, the boredom of monotonous life has submerged me. I wanted to take a break from this regular schedule. I was not alone in this steady journey, but there were three more wilds like me. One day, when our threshold was crossed, we decided to go to any hill station. We searched for the hill stations in Uttarakhand. Mussorie, Nainital were already explored, and we didn't have budgets for Shimla and Manali. So finally, we decided for Lansdowne. Thanks to the flourishing app culture and offers in India, we were able to book two rooms worth Rs.883/- in a hotel which was on the outskirts of Lansdowne.

Next day all were ready with great enthusiasm and left from Roorkee at around 8:00 a.m. As we had not planned it like a tourist but wanted to explore like a traveller, we decided not to book any train or cab beforehand. From Roorkee to Lansdowne, we had taken two buses and a jeep/sumo.

  • From Roorkee to Haridwar ( 32 km, 50 minutes) Fare = INR 32/-
  • Haridwar to Kotdwara another bus (41 km, 1.5 hours).
  • Kotdwara to Lansdowne (43 km, ~ 1 hour).

Though it may sound boisterous and frenetic to travel such a long but it was not. (We came to know that there is also a direct bus from Haridwar to Lansdowne at 7:30 am). As we are not habitual of having breakfast therefore up to kotdwara, we were drenched with hunger and had our first meal of the day in a small Dhaba at Kotdwara. We reached Lansdowne at around 1 p.m. We had reached Lansdowne but not out destination. The resort we booked was about 4 to 5 km away from the main market. And the pivotal part of this voyage begins now. It was a kaccha rasta which we had to travel. On our way, initially, there were homes giving us the feel of a countryside. You'll be heading forward and suddenly a hen with her chickens will cross your way. The main landmark of the way is a big blue coloured we prevailed our way on that kaccha rasta leaving homes far behind us. Now there was just euphony of wind playing jingle with the leaves of the pine tree and along with it reverberation of our own feet. It was a true feeling of our own existence. As far as our glance took us there was the sunlit pellucid sky above and a canopy of pine trees giving us company alongside. According to me, It was the best time for such a trekking experience. Fast forwarding the way, at around 3 km ahead we crossed a small village and a Muslim kabristan. Finally, we reached our destination at around 3 P.m, all exhausted, flooded with sweat and hunger. But with the first sight of the view, the journey became worth. The weariness of the journey was lost when silver-toned breeze has given us a welcome peck on our cheeks. There were only four rooms, in among which two were booked by us. It was located at a secluded place, as in on the three sides of it there were valleys which made it all more amazing. Rooms were fine with minimum amenities but the location itself was a luxury. After getting fresh, the food was ordered. The food was not very expensive as expected, except few items, which we had not ordered obviously. After having Shahi paneer and dal makhani with rotis, we were once again charged. The bread was not delicious but beauty was. As we were the only tourist at that place, we had entire resort to ourselves. Lost in our own compact world, we were living a dream. A dream which could be made true by being far from the town chaos and crowd. Watching the sunset was one of the most exquisite experience. As the sky grown darker, it was an angelic encounter to sit beneath the star-filled night sky and breathe in the fresh mountain air filled with the aroma of fresh pine trees. It reminded me of my childhood when the beauty of starlight was not concealed under the intensity of street lights. Next morning we had our breakfast but not the ordered one. Rather I had made maggi myself using kettle which I always carry during travelling. After it, we went down the valley. It was a notorious experience; notorious because parents would never allow their child to do so, but because we are child and don't understand the proper extent of the danger, we'll do it. There were swings and some other sporting activities as well, as in like climbing ropes, walking on ropes n others similar activities with an element of fun and recreation in them. After visiting there, we regret our decision of staying for one day only. Heavy-heartedly we left that place at 12:00 noon with a concern of going back in same monotonous and hectic scheduled life but with a memory for a life. Again the marching was started and will continue till next halt.

The spot is embraced in the lap of nature