Five awesome reasons to travel to Gujarat

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  • For Great Rann of Kutch: This large area of salt marshes located near Kutch district of Gujarat is truly a wonder to the eye. This is surely one of the five reasons to travel to Gujarat. Divided into two parts Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch, this area is also known as ‘White Desert’. Visit Rann of Kutch during Rann Utsav festival. This festival will be a treat to your eyes. During this festival there are dances, fairs, competitions, food festivals happen which are quite famous across the world.
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  • For Spicy food: Primarily vegetarian the Gujarati food is spicy in nature but the thali contains many lip smacking dishes. Each food item is delicious which will leave you asking for more. It is that delectable because Gujaratis use variety of spices and other ingredients to make it so. Popular Gujrati dishes are Basundi, Ghari Ghebar or Ghevar, Halvasan, Keri no ras, Malpua, Puran Poli, Shrikhand, Cholafali, Ghooghra, Mathia, Soonvali, Farsan, Daal Dhokli, Fafda, Muthia, Sev Khamani, Meethi (Sweet) Kadhi, Sev Tameta nu Shak, Undhiyun, Bajri no rotlo,Dhebara, Thepala.
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  • For Gir National Park: Gir National Park surely makes in the list of five awesome reasons to visit Gujarat. It is the only home for Asiatic Lions. Here you will be guided in the park by trained personnel of Gir National Park. You will not be allowed to step out of your vehicle due to the presence of lions, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles in the park. This tour will give you an amazing opportunity to the photographers as well to shoot the majestic Asiatic lions coupled with other animals. Truly, a must visit place.
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  • For Somnath Temple: Gujarat is also a religious city. it is said that the Somnath temple is built at a place where Lord Shri Krishna took his last journey to neejdham. This pilgrimage is one of the oldest and also finds place in many sacred texts. Many visitors throng this pilgrimage on a daily basis. The temple is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and has daily three aartis.
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  • For Urban Cities: Ninth largest state in India, Gujarat is famous for its urban cities. Gandhinagar is truly becoming smart city of India with amenities according to global standards. Visit Gandhinage, Ahemdabad, Vadodra, to experience the urban revolution hiused by these fascinating cities of Gujarat.

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