Bhitarkanika an explorers Delight

Photo of Bhitarkanika an explorers Delight 1/5 by Souradeep Das
View by the banks
Photo of Bhitarkanika an explorers Delight 2/5 by Souradeep Das
Sunset in Brahmani river
Photo of Bhitarkanika an explorers Delight 3/5 by Souradeep Das
Inside Bhitarkanika
Photo of Bhitarkanika an explorers Delight 4/5 by Souradeep Das
The mangroves by the bank
Photo of Bhitarkanika an explorers Delight 5/5 by Souradeep Das

The very essence of travelling is exploring. When you explore a place you constantly become more aware of how vast and never ending the journey is to reach your final destination. There is this enlightenment you get that more you explore the more you are exploring yourself. When travelling meets exploration you become a true wandering soul searching nirvana amidst the nature which surrounds you , waiting to give you a phycic experience fulfilling your most primordial needs. Like a flock of bird hovering above or a clear blue sky by the green river bank ....

Odisha's charm the bhitar kanika or so rightly its literal meaning the innerbeauty waiting to take you to a natural paradise where wilderness greets you by the shade of the mangroves and basking crocodile waiting to get your Animal planet mode on.

The journey began from Bhubaneswar by night train to Bhadrak from there to a small town of Chandbali by the river Baitoroni.

From there we took a Boat downstream for our stop The bhitarkanika wildlife reservation park.

We took a 6 km trek inside the forrest accompanied by Host of tree and their dry leaves by the wood , Distant deer by some old pond gazing us with same amaze as we continued our trekking.

As we continued our trail we were all getting pulled inside the forrest sight and sound with a gripping sensation of being a part of the whole ecosystem that was unfolding slowly in front of our eyes. The distant sound of a unknown bird the slow sound of a leaf falling from a tree the sudden spotting of a woodpecker and a kingfisher by the river banks all together gave a thrill of some unknown excitement.

After the trek we again started off to out next location DangMal(khola) where another round of trekking was waiting for us. By the shades of coconut tree and pine with a coconut falling just before us

From here again we started off with the sun now setting by the banks casting its magical spell on the golden waters of Boitoroni-Brahmani.

The day came to an end but the hangover lasted the sights the sounds of the forrest the vast stretch of the river all had a lasting effect too profound for our imagination. There was more in store cause We made all our arrangements took to the boat again on the night with guitar bongos and some rustic dinner cooked by our boatsman whom we called out captain. The evergreen songs of our college days on the river bed in the boat gave the full swing of nostalgia coupled with the sweet river winds of the spring. Before you know it a day in Bhitarkanika was over encrypting lots of memories to last for a lifetime.At the end of it all we realised how much we gained from this trip shelling off the mundane desk jobs routine and the chaos of city. Our monotonous life got a boost of fresh energy we figured out that though nothing may have changed we may still get back to our mundane jobs from next week but still the trip was long due it changed us and our outlook towards nature and encouraged us to come back next time with such trips again with a a bigger bang. Until then keep traveling keep exploring , new places are there to be discovered in every smallest of places in our country.

Photo of Bhitarkanika, Odisha, India by Souradeep Das