Panchgani: A Heavenly Adobe

31st Mar 2016
Day 1
A beautiful hill station resplendent with amazing natural beauty and picturesque locations,Panchgani is located in the state of Maharashtra. The literal meaning of Panchgani signifies five hills thus making it a spectacular scenic place and its loveliness multiplies with the backdrop of mountains at one side and coastal plains on the other.

The view point is the major attraction which is calm and quiet with impeccable cleanliness and remains swarmed with tourists round the year. Mount Malcolm, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Panchganga Mandir, Wilson Point, Sydney Point, Table Land, Venna Lake, Lingmala Falls, Dhom Dam and Bombay Point are other prominent attractions of the city.

Dhom Valley, Panchgani

Photo of Panchgani, Panchgani, Maharashtra, India by Azad Jadhav