Romancing Paris

17th Nov 2014
Photo of Romancing Paris 1/12 by Neha Aggarwal
Photo of Romancing Paris 2/12 by Neha Aggarwal
Photo of Romancing Paris 3/12 by Neha Aggarwal
Photo of Romancing Paris 4/12 by Neha Aggarwal
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Photo of Romancing Paris 12/12 by Neha Aggarwal

The travel bug inside me craved for me to step out and explore a few countries and hence I did! 

With my first stop being the city of love, I decided to pay a visit to Paris and see what it had to offer me! 

My flight from London Heathrow to the CDG airport took around an hour and it was the cheapest option! The other options to travel could’ve been by the Euro Star Rail.  

The excitement of course was too much as it was my first trip to explore Europe! Landing late night unfortunately won’t let you explore a city much, however, the walk from the metro station to your hotel will surely give you a glimpse of the french streets, the young crowd enjoying themselves. You will definitely witness the light playing around, creating magic by transforming the routine into the exceptional! 

Day 1: 

The start to a day is incomplete without an authentic French breakfast! Although I had been warned about the difficulty one may face while ordering food in a European country, I guess I should’ve paid more attention to that :P 

We happened to be staying at the Montparnasse Hotel and hence decided to have breakfast somewhere near it and found a little french cafe called AUMETRO where we sat down and planned our day.

I loved how most people in Europe talk to tourists. With my high school French, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere had it not been for the kind people who guided us through the city! :P

Travelling in Europe is the next best thing that I really liked. A visit to Paris is incomplete without the Eiffel Tower being on your list! In mine, it was definitely on the top! 

We headed towards the Eiffel Tower where we took the metro from the Pernety Station towards the Bik-Hakim Station. Walking for about half a kilometre, in the European Summers surely felt completely worth it as soon as I got the glimpse of the beauty from my window of the metro! 

Yes the photographer in me HAD to capture this wondrous moment :P

Spending 3 days in Paris can really get you mind boggling as there’s so much to do in such little time! 

Hence, we decided to hop on to the one of the cruises on River Seine which would  take us through the entire Paris. 

The Seine is a 776-kilometre long river and an important commercial waterway within the Paris Basin in the north of France. The name "Seine" comes from the Latin Sequana. 

Over 37 beautiful bridges crossing the Seine, the hand waves by the localites standing on them, while the tourists pass by in the cruise will definitely bring a smile to your face! 

With the advent in technology, I noticed how local sellers were eagerly selling of Selfie Sticks to the tourists! I owned my own and would say indeed it does help capturing some amazing moments, especially when there is no one around you to click great pictures of you :P

France is Europe’s most diverse, tasty, and, in many ways, most exciting country to explore. Here, travellers are treated to a blend of man-made and natural beauty like nowhere else in Europe. You’ll also discover a dizzying array of artistic and architectural wonders — soaring cathedrals, chandeliered châteaux, and museums filled with the cultural icons of the Western world.

I was able to capture glimpses of the French Culture through the cruise tour and just wished to stay here forever. 

Day 2: Disneyland! 

The kid in me yearned to explore Disneyland and so it was time that wish was fulfilled! Disneyland Paris is without doubt one of most visited tourist attractions in Paris, visited by millions of families every year. At this magnificent theme park, visitors get a chance to experience some of the best rides in Europe, spending quality time with their family and having a holiday of a lifetime. Ranked as the third most visited attraction in Paris in 2012, Disneyland provides excellent facilities for families and couples alike, and if you book in advance online, you can get great discounts.

I spent the whole day at Disneyland till my feet literally gave up! The magical music in the background is sure to soothe your ears as you walk around this magnificent place. The best part is that there a many restaurants in Disneyland which will help you fill your stomachs with some delicious food! 

Kids whizzed past me to get on their rides and how I wished I had my younger brother to race for a ride with! 

A Day in Disneyland land is sure tiring hence one does need some peace. Hence I decided to head to the Eiffel Tower after having dinner at Bistrot De La Tour.  

The beauty of Eiffel Tower cannot be put in words. I reached just in time to witness the Eiffel Tower shimmer bright like a diamond and the view indeed was mesmerising. One can stare at it continuously and the same happened to be the case with me too! The Eiffel is surely the symbol of Paris, and it did take my breath away.

I had one more day to go in Paris and it could’ve easily gone wasted as I would’ve slept the whole day after staying up all night to witness the beauty of the Eiffel. 

Hence I bid adieu to the Eiffel Tower and returned back to my hotel. 

Day 3: Paris! 

I still had a couple of things to do before I left this city and made sure that I completed a few! After checking out of the hotel, I headed towards the Louvre museum and as it was impossible to get in on such a short notice, I just had a few pictures clicked of myself by the famous Pyramid :P 

The Louvre Museum is one of the most visited institutions in Paris, boasting of over eight million visitors a year. At this museum, tourists will get the chance to find out more about French history, their diverse culture, and demographics of the local communities. Art students, if they haven’t already been, might want to tie this in with a trip to Paris next summer and if that sounds like your idea of education then you can order your flights to Paris here. The Louvre Museum has some of the oldest French artefacts in the country, and is also one of the few places where you will get some of the most memorable artworks from some of the world’s finest artists.

As the idea of locking love has always fascinated me, I decided to head towards the Ponts de Arts. Sadly, 700,000 locks had been pulled down as the bridge was getting heavy, however, I did manage to squeeze in a lock on one of the sides along with the many others. 

Since late 2008, tourists have taken to attaching padlocks with their first names written or engraved on them to the railing or the grate on the side of the bridge, then throwing the key into the Seine river below, as a romantic gesture. This gesture is said to represent a couple's committed love.

The romantic air and the cool breeze attracted me to stay in Paris forever, however, I promised myself that I will for sure come back to the place where it seems that I belong. :)