#Travel Hacks.......

Photo of #Travel Hacks....... by Go Crazy Blogger

1. Pack Efficiently & Light anything around 10-15 kgs.

2. Avoid Night life in new city without any prior information

3. Walk as if you know the place, so that locals don't think you are new

4. Travel with Digital Currency & Handful of cash

5. Use a Good bag Pack, able to withstand weathers & physical rough handling

6. Start your trip with INDIA

7. GO with prior research of the place

8. Look at Maps smartly while sitting in the Cafe & not on the Streets

9. Hostels are the Best option for accommodation

10. Be Nice to all new people you'll get good deals & information faster

11. Make Local friends

12. Travel on Non-Festive season

13. Use Google flights to get cheaper flight options

14. Book 1 way flight tickets

15. pre-plan the clothes you r going to wear

16. Fly on cabin luggage only to keep it secured

17. Book Flights 6 weeks in advance

18. Have Xerox of all documents

19. Eat small snacks over big meals

20. wear heavy clothes & pack lighter ones

21. Shop @ Local supermarkets

22. Customise your luggage with stickers for quick identification

23. Work from New Locations when on Travel/ workation

24. Buy Local sim/ use Hotel Wi-Fi

25. Set priority of locations to visit

26. Save cash in Mobile cover

27. Signup for free walk tours

28. Use public transport like Bus, Train, Bikes

29. Plan Accommodation & Transport as they r the major source of expense for Travel

30. Utilise all your contacts to leverage for accommodation

31. Try staying in Railways station, temples, Church

32. Couch surf for staying cheap

33. Feb & March is best time to Travel Europe

34. Avoid Museum visit's

35. For Europe trip, start with Paris & end at London

That's all from my side any tips you guys have to comment.....