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Commercial Street

Kavita Murty
Commercial Street Bangalore makes it next as in of the cheap places for shopping in Bangalore. From ready-made garments to footwear and items of jewellery, you will get them all here. As a matter of fact, the variety on offer combined with amazing price deals is sure to leave one confused while they take on shopping in Bangalore. Commercial street Bangalore, is for those who are into sports and athletics. The commercial street Bangalore has great deals in sports equipment and accessories as well. Do keep in mind that you will need to bargain here. The prices start high but with great bargaining skills, one can get the best. Considered to be the best shopping area, Commercial street Bangalore is a great place to visit and shop. Now that the convincing is done, all you need is your purse, a bottle of water and, of course, a day to get going to one spot for all - the commercial street Bangalore.Timings: The commercial street is open till 10pm, and stays crowded during the day.
Disha Dhingra
2) COMMERCIAL STREET/ MG ROAD Commercial street is one of best markets to shop in Bangalore for girls. You get to see really nice variety of clothes in cheap rates. Its a must visit for you if you love to shop. From tops to neck pieces to footwear, you get everything there. MG road on the other hand is for brand shopping. You get to see all the brands there. There are also some cool cafes to chill like Ebony, Blimey, Social, etc.