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Nani Daman

Renuka Walter
Nani Daman is the other enthralling part of Daman, which also takes you back in time. There's Nani Daman Fort aka Jerome Fort, which you can visit (I skipped it). But, the real magic is in the old Portuguese houses - the dilapidated walls, the old doors and windows, and the porticoes. It was such a joy to take photographs of the abandoned houses, old markets, the everyday buzz and the cheery locals.
Nani Daman is hardly 5 minutes from Moti Daman A bridge Old (one way) and new (two way) connects Moti Daman to Nani Daman Nani Daman is more commercialized and lively compared to Moti Daman Nani Daman is too crowded at places Nani Daman has a good market place Beaches on Nani Daman a strict no go as they are really dirty Sea water is very muddy
The Wandering Wolf
Main shopping location of daman, you'll find everything here. This place is on other side of the river and been connected by a single bridge. another bridge is under construction. They have ferry facility as well.