Discovering the Anarchic Art in Prague

21st Feb 2014
Photo of Discovering the Anarchic Art in Prague 1/1 by Abhishek Sinha Roy

On a Snowy Afternoon in Stockholm, I decided to Visit Prague. Just for one reason, the Bohemian stories my granddad used to tell me when I was a child. Moreover i was always fascinated by Gothic architecture and Anarchy. Yes, Anarchy, you heard it right. Will come to that later when I talk about the Clubs and Fun zones , yee :-P. As I descended into the pristine valley of Prague through a Czech Airlines Carrier from Stockholm, the first thing which mesmerised me are lush green fields, and the Czech mountains and Vlatva flowing through. Enough of air now. Lets get Bohemian eeeh. 

The three things that you should do after arriving are...mostly in the order...Eat head Cheese..Decipher a Clock and then Down a pint of Gambrinus...:-P

Now all ya folks must be crazy now..Head Cheese ...eeh..whats that...well its Bits of meat suspended in aspic, aka 'head cheese'..sounds gorgy..isnt it? The Best Place to head for that is U Radnice around the old town square.

Now head for the Clock - The Astronomical Clock in Staroměstská has been ticking and pulling in the crowds since 1490, although its party trick is laughably unspectacular. Every hour on the hour, from 8am to 8pm, wooden saints emerge from trap doors, while below them, a lesson in medieval morality is enacted by Greed, Vanity, Death and the Turk.

Now what about Down a pint of the brown, frothy stuff ( hic)…The Czechs regard their locally produced beers as a national treasure. So Respect it. Grab a pint of Gambrinus – the most popular one and gulf it in one go. You will miss the taste, honey. Then head for the banks of Valtava, a warm pear wine and a baguette and enjoy the breeze by the side. Smoke to your heart s content, life is completely different here.

Next Morning head for the Prague Castle and just time travel 1000 years back. Prague Castle dominates the city’s skyline, its jumble of styles and influences perfectly illustrating the shifting demands of its occupants and conquerors over the last millennium. At the centre of the castle, its dramatic Gothic spires and flying buttresses visible from everywhere in town, is the imposing St Vitus’s Cathedral; even the most jaded of visitors will be given pause by its grandeur.

Roughly the size of seven football fields, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Built and renovated during 13 centuries, the complex includes churches, gardens, alleyways and royal residences that would take days to appreciate.
The abode of the angels. Art Nouveau stained glass windows
rague's most stunning bridge spans 16 arches and is lined with 30 Baroque statues of religious figures. 1700 feet of Cobblestone pavement - an architectural awe. The best View of the Vltava River ofcourse.