Best Places to visit in Puerto Plata

20th Aug 2019

When we’re talking about traveling there is one place that always comes to mind, and that is the beach. Vacation in some sunny place where the climate is just perfect is the best idea for a plan in these upcoming holidays. And one country that specializes in having some of the best beaches in the world is the Dominican Republic; from Punta Cana to Puerto Plata, the best Caribbean paradises you can find are in this ancient island.

Photo of Puerto Plata, Доминиканска република by Veselina Dzhingarova

And is precisely Puerto Plata the destination we will tell you more about; San Felipe de Puerto Plata is the capital of the de Province of Puerto Plata and is in the north shore of the Atlantic in the Dominican Republic.

Puerto Plata is worldwide known mainly for its spectacular beaches, the zone called Playa Dorada consists of a huge extension of the softest sand and the most crystalline waters that combined with a magnificent golf court, makes that every tourist automatically fell in love with this paradise. No wonder some of the best Puerto Plata hotels are there.

In addition to the beaches, which let's face it, should be your number-one reason for visiting Puerto Plata, this once prominent port city is also home to several historic and cultural sites, such as the Fort San Felipe or the Mount Isabel de Torres.

And if you have young kids, you should consider spending a day at Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina and Casino, one of the best entertainment complex centers in the Caribbean where you and your kids will have the best time.

Besides Water Parks there are a lot of places you should visit in Puerto Plata like Cabarete, what once was a quaint fishing village is now the favorite getaway for the jet-set; parties, clubs and the best restaurants can be found here. Consider planning and spending a couple days here because there are a lot of activities that you can do like extreme watersports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Another place worth visiting is Playa Dorada, we don’t really need to tell you to go there because chances are this is where you’re staying already. Playa Dorada is not just some another beach in the Caribbean is THE beach of choice if you’re in the Dominican Republic and in Puerto Plata, here is where all the major Puerto Plata hotels are. Consider staying one day or two in this paradise because it will take you one full day approximately to visit the Amber Coast. If you’re planning to do some windsurfing, snorkeling or fishing, keep in mind that most of the Puerto Plata hotels offer rental equipment even for free so that’s one of the best aspects of Playa Dorada, it is open and free to enjoy at any hour of any day.

Finally, our last recommendation is the Cofresi Beach, located in the west area of Puerto Plata, is a relaxing stretch of gold soft sand. The Cofresi waters are very nice and calm for swimming and there are a lot of shade there because of the many umbrellas, huts or tress, so it’s ideal for just set up a camp under and just relax.

So, there you have it, a small list of some places that you can visit in this Caribbean paradise, but there are many more, so our best recommendation is to choose a Puerto Plata hotel now and just adventure in this incredible country where one thing is for sure; whatever places you decide to visit, you will have the best moment of your life.