A cool breathe in Rajasthan - Mount Abu

2nd Apr 2018

Azeem oh Shan Shehenshah

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When i think of Rajasthan i always get an image of forts and desert, but that's not true. Rajasthan do offer a gift of hill station too which we call a weekend getaway for Rajasthan and Gujarat. So, we welcome you to Mount Abu, where you find a some solace from the burning heat.

Welcome to Mount Abu through the eyes of 2itchyfeets

Photo of Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India by 2itchyfeets

We stayed there for 2 days and each experience was a unique one which we will be detailing in our post.

Nakki Lake

Day 1

Bahu Panga le rahi hai saas se trying to touch her tummy

Photo of Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, Rajasthan by 2itchyfeets

Nakki Lake is a cool place to walk around. You will find some activities over there like zorb ball, boat ride etc. and the best attraction according to us is the mall road which leads to nakki lake. Poora jagmagata khaane ka bazaar. Creative ice creams all together. They will make you taste every flavor that you may fall for.

Mall road of Mount Abu

Photo of Nakki Lake Road, Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India by 2itchyfeets

We even took pedicure on the mall road, it was a tickling experience but we loved it.

Ooooh bahut gud gudi ho rahi hai

Photo of A cool breathe in Rajasthan - Mount Abu by 2itchyfeets

It's the second day now and we hired Activa to take a tour of Mount Abu. We were told that the roads are lovely if you take a trip to Guru Shikhar(around 20 kms from mall road). So here we go.

arre main kahaan gaya (why should boys have all the fun)

Photo of A cool breathe in Rajasthan - Mount Abu by 2itchyfeets

yeh raha main (victim of women empowerment) but peeche baithke mazaa aa gaya

Photo of A cool breathe in Rajasthan - Mount Abu by 2itchyfeets

So capturing the views we reached Guru Shikhar. You need to take 700 steps to reach Guru Shikhar but it's worth to go for. There you will find traditional dresses which are available on rent. So we went for it(although we felt a bit shy) yet i must say, you will not regret it.

Day 2

What do you say we smile everytime we see this pic i am smiling while posting it

Photo of Guru Shikhar, Rajasthan by 2itchyfeets

Now its time we head back to our accommodation at mall road, while coming back we saw a board showing Trevor's Tank or Trevor's Crocodile tank which is a perfect place for nature lovers. We sat there for some time until one person came and said do you want to go for trekking around Trevors tank, confused we said yes. So the trek was around 2 hours and the person who was our guide knew every inch of the jungle.

Here is a mowgli pic during the trek

So it ended up smoothly. Finally we reached our hotel and after taking some rest we headed towards the sunset point (Which is not to be missed).

You feel relaxed connecting with nature

Photo of Sunset Point, Anadara Road, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India by 2itchyfeets

Also family fun moments at the sunset point.

Selfie time family aur tu yeh kaisa muh bana raha hai

Photo of A cool breathe in Rajasthan - Mount Abu by 2itchyfeets

So Guys it's the end of our Mount Abu trip but not the end of our travel journeys. 2itchyfeets will take you to many places in and outside india through tripoto platform of sharing travel stories. Do share your stories as well. Happy Travelling.

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