Got married to the one i fell in #loveontheroad

1st Oct 2018
Day 1

So it all started on a business trip i took to Udaipur and stayed in The treebo park classic hotel. I reached before the check in time and the front desk guy didn't let me check in. I asked him to call the hotel manager, there he was fair handsome man. I asked him to let me check in early and he refused politely. Well than i waited,checked in, went to work. Later in the evening i got a complimentary coffee with a note "sorry for the inconvenience, just to make your mood better, here is a cup of coffee, let me know if i can help you in anyway". I had my coffee with a smile. Checked out and left. Now the next time on my business trip to Udaipur. I booked the same hotel. Reached early again 😅. This time i did got the room early. Later that evening i planned to go and explore the city. Got ready and went to the front desk and asked if there are any near by places to visit. Suddenly the manager came and answered. Gave me his phone number to contact if i needed any advice while i was out. I saved his name Parag pancholi and number. I thanked and went. Next morning (Sunday) i asked the front desk guy if the manager was there, but he wasn't. I decided to leave a message "hi, Esha pandit this side. Today is Sunday, no work. Thought to ask you where can i go." Waited for his reply till noon than ordered lunch, had and went to sleep. After an hour or two. I received a call from him saying "hey i was sleeping so didn't reply earlier, i am sorry. I am free today, if you want i can take you out to see the city than take you to a good restaurant for dinner, but only if you want" i said why not. So later he picked me from the hotel, i saw some mesmerising places and ghats of udaipur and we went to dinner in The tribute restaurant. Whole time he kept on talking and i kept on asking. I had fun. Next day. I texted him "had a great time, thank you for taking me out". he replied "my pleasure, free tonight? As i guess it's your last night in Udaipur." I replied "pretty tired, can you buy me a drink later?". He replied "Pick you up at 6pm😉". We went in a sophisticated bar, had a drink or maybe 2, went for dinner and he asked me "you want me to drop you? If you want we can hangout at my place, watch movie and than i can drop you". I decided to go with him. We didreally watched movie and somehow i went to sleep. He asked me "Can i hold your hand?". So we slept whole night holding hands. In the morning i checked out and left. We talked over messages alot after that. I started liking him. But wasn't serious 🤫. Next trip,same hotel. Evening dates and night at his place talking and watching movies, eating dinner made by him. Ohh the feeling was amazing. Before the day of my checkout we decided to drink at his place. Okay i was high and so was he. We danced like crazy and later something happened, well i initiated it and he asked me twice "are you sure we are doing this?" It happened. Next day i went back. Next time when i had to travel to Udaipur i didn't booked a hotel ☺. Went to his place and it all went on. It took me 2 years to finally feel that i was seriously serious about him, while he was seripus from the day one 😍. I was from Gujarat. He was from Rajasthan. And we ended up getting a complicated family struggles when we asked them that we want to get married. But we did convinced them and here we are married from last 7 months, living our "living relationship after marriage". We are still that crazy and so the spark is still on.


Photo of Udaipur by Esha pandit