I Travelled 170 km on Auto! Here's My Exquisite Journey to Kumbhalgarh

26th Aug 2019

Sitting alone with this view, I felt exempted, nature you have been always so beautiful and stunning. #Kumbhalgarh

Photo of I Travelled 170 km on Auto! Here's My Exquisite Journey to Kumbhalgarh by Sanvi Sinha

An adventurous journey to Kumbhalgarh by auto rickshaw

On my last day at Udaipur, I was elated to experience an amazing ride to Kumbhalgarh. Along with a friend of mine I booked an auto the day before to plan out this day. Our auto driver was not very sure but confirmed that he would try his best to help out. After a lot of discussion and research, we decided to venture out!

It was a yes from our side knowing that we had to leave for Jaipur the same day!

Why this divergent ride?

The question that arises is why we chose auto and not private or local taxis. Well, if you have not booked your taxis beforehand, they will charge you a ransom for the whole day in the name of sightseeing. We were not ready to spend Rs 4ooo on our last day! The day before, when we met Imran, as we drove to Pichola lake, I simply asked him if he could drive us to the fort. He laughed at first then after some time, agreed to my somehow mischievous idea!

The Day

Were we ready? Indeed we were! Our auto was waiting outside our hostel at sharp at 8.30. We gave a broad smile to Imran, our auto driver. Earlier he said his brother-in-law would come to escort us but then there he was. The reason? He said that it was his responsibility to drop us safely back and no one else could be trusted. That was so heartening, it simply touched me!

The Fateh Sagar lake looked stunning early morning.

Photo of Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan by Sanvi Sinha

Early morning breakfast

The city of lakes looked extremely calm and serene in the morning. The sun rays reflecting on the green lake were soothing to the eye and there was a melody in that view. Cool breeze inside the auto freshened up our mind and messed up our messy hair. The day was windy and very pleasant. As the journey started we asked Imran if we could have breakfast somewhere on the way. We stopped at a point outside of the city. This city serves lip-smacking pyaaz kachori (an Indian fried snack that comes with varieties of fillings), jalebis, poha, mirchi bada (deep-fried chilly fritters)and freshly packed banana and finger chips. We are absolute foodies and packed everything with us.

Enjoying the famous pyaz kachori on our ride

Photo of I Travelled 170 km on Auto! Here's My Exquisite Journey to Kumbhalgarh by Sanvi Sinha

Did you say Justin Beiber?

Yes, you heard right! The auto had well connected Bluetooth speakers and the song list of our driver bhaiyya was amazing. Moreover, he was way too cool and started sharing his life stories. It was his first time as well to these roads and to Kumbhalgarh and we could see the excitement on his face too!

Memorable auto ride starting from Udaipur

Photo of I Travelled 170 km on Auto! Here's My Exquisite Journey to Kumbhalgarh by Sanvi Sinha

Picturesque bumpy ride

The view from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh is astonishing in itself. You will find greenery all-around at the time of monsoon. Yes, we travelled in monsoon and the lush green journey bewitched us.

Winters are considered the best time to travel but the monsoon has my heart. Empty roads and your auto moving fast just like any Bollywood adventurous movie climax in between, believe me, it was magical!

'If the path is beautiful, let us not ask where it leads'- Anatole France

Photo of I Travelled 170 km on Auto! Here's My Exquisite Journey to Kumbhalgarh by Sanvi Sinha

It took around 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach our destination. People usually book cabs to go to this place and believe me there was not single auto parked in that long line of vehicles when we had reached our destination outside the fort.

We made it finally, with back pain, bumps on our head due to the patchy road somewhere in between the ride, but all worth the views we came across and the sensational experience we had. To be honest it was our idea to endeavour that thrilling ride following no regret at the end. As I said earlier, it is advisable to book taxis or stay at hotels nearby the fort.

Known as the heart of Rajputs, the Kumbhalgarh fort stands as one of the finest citadels after Chittorgarh fort. Built-in the 15th century A.D by Rana Kumbh this fort has served many rulers as their refuges.

Magnificent Kumbhalgarh looked splendid with the dark clouds around!

Photo of Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan, India by Sanvi Sinha

The massive walls of Kumbhalgarh extended at a length of 36 km is the second longest wall in the world. This palace is special for people of Mewar since it is the birthplace of the bravest king in history- the legendary Maharana Pratap. Bada mahal AKA Palace of clouds situated at the top of fort beholds stunning birds-eye view, something beyond fascinations.

Amazing view from the top of the cloud palace

Photo of I Travelled 170 km on Auto! Here's My Exquisite Journey to Kumbhalgarh by Sanvi Sinha

The moment you enter from that huge door at the entrance you will get that feeling of royalty and ancient vibe around. The top of the fort provides a panoramic sight to the whole Kumbhalgarh and the landscape around. Aravali ranges covered with enormous flora and fauna looks breathtaking at the time of monsoon. The greenery all around and little showers of rain would make you imagine all sorts of dreamy vintage life lead over there.

Having one to one conversation with those peaks and the hovering clouds!

Photo of Kumbhalgarh Fort View Point, Qila Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan, India by Sanvi Sinha

The Aravali hills known as the oldest range of mountains in India kept us mesmerizing throughout our journey. Though I was on the opposite side, I wished to explore those mountains, may be the next time!

Lush green Aravali ranges and the long lane of parked vehicles

Photo of Aravali Mountain Range, Dhangadmau Khurd, Rajasthan by Sanvi Sinha

Covering everything in one day

The child inside me wanted to see as much she could but we had a time limit. One can cover the fort and the temples around but if you want to jump into the Wildlife sanctuary, Ranakpur Temples and the Haldighati, stay overnight and enjoy the light show at the fort itself.

Ganesh Temple

Photo of Ganesh temple, Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan, India by Sanvi Sinha

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Photo of Kumbhalgarh Fort Rajasthan, Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan, India by Sanvi Sinha

A call from Imran grabs me back in my senses that we needed to hurry up to reach back on time. After all, we shouldn't have taken a risk with our special ride which was not very smooth on those rough pavements! On our way back we stopped at some more points to click pictures and Imran was helpful enough to click them for us. He told us how his family wants him to get married and he is not ready yet. His lines were 'madam aap hi btao abhi kaise kar le shaadi' (you tell me, ma'am, how can I get married so early) and we assured him to stick to his decision and just keep going.

Not over yet

It is said to be careful and not to trust any stranger while you travel but his presence made us realize not all people are like that. Sometimes you get that instant vibe. Imran was so naive, talkative, and keep showing us the different viewpoints.

Banas river, we stopped here to click some pictures on our way back

Photo of I Travelled 170 km on Auto! Here's My Exquisite Journey to Kumbhalgarh by Sanvi Sinha

We reached back on time, before that in fact at around 5 'o clock. I started craving for Golgappas (an Indian street food) and without even asking for the second time, he took us to this famous location called 'Saanwariya' and we drooled over the spiciest ' tikkis and golgappas'. He dropped us exactly outside our hostel lane sound & safely. As we expressed our gratitude he remained calm and smiled back. He acknowledged us by saying we were like an incredible guest to his beautiful city and it was his responsibility to serve us as much as could! Isn't it wonderful when you hear something like that in a strange city. Well, I was speechless and nothing could have made it better than that.

We were pleased by his gesture and cannot be more thankful!

What made it special

Was it that exquisite journey? Was it the magnificent fort? Was it the feeling of being alive at the top of the cloud palace where I felt having a warm conversation with them! Was it about the vivid company I had or the exuberant ride? Maybe all of it! I felt tipsy cold breeze around me, pushing me to laugh harder, to believe more, the day was unforgettable, remaining engraved and heartwarming forever till now. Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you don't even realize it. That 170 km ride on auto in a single day registered as a history in my memory lane. Those moments are like a treasure for me and I get elated while remembering them even now!

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We were happy at the end of this beautiful trip and ready to explore more of it the next time!

Photo of Banas River, Rajasthan by Sanvi Sinha

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