Jaipur through my eyes

28th Sep 2018

Travelling is very important to have a new and very own perspective about the place and people.Wandering in the streets of Jaipur and the beautiful palaces, i had a chance to meet new people, get to know about the culture and re-charge myself.

Jaipur: "The Pink City" : The city of eminent history and magnificent forts.The city is always most visited place among tourists because of its colonnaded architectural buildings that is designed with richness of Indian art work in fusion with Mughal artistry, budget-friendly shopping and delicious food.The vehicles meandering between the busy streets, cars,camels.Jaipur has its own glamour.

If you are travelling Jaipur to explore the culture and tradition than i am mentioning the top places to visit in Jaipur and things to do:

a. If you are looking for hassle-free experience, i would suggest to hire a taxi for an entire day that would cost around 1200-1500.

b.If you are a budget traveler than hiring a bike is a great option.

c.Start your day with visiting Amer Fort, located in Amer,Rajasthan. It is 11 kms from Jaipur. It is main tourist attraction in Jaipur.

Day 1

Amer fort:

The Magnificent fort is built during the 16th century, from sandstone and marbles. It is divided into four main sections with its own courtyards that consists of Diwan-i-Aam(Hall of Public Audience), the Diwan-i-Khas(Hall of Private Audience), the Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace) and the Sukh Niwas.Among all the forts in Rajasthan, Amer is my favorite fort.

- Tourists can opt. to take a ride on Elephants to the main entrance courtyard to Amer fort. As i love animals, i opted to walk my way up to the entrance of Amer fort that is 10 mins walk and look at the view of jaigarh fort.

d. Panna Meena ka Kund is a beautiful eight-storey stepwell situated near Amer fort, built in the 16th century. If you want to take photos down the stepwell, please do take permission in the Amer Fort before-hand.

e. Next on the list is Nahargarh Fort(Abode of tigers).The Fortress is located on the top of Aravalli Hills, offers the best view of the Jaipur city. The best time to visit the place is around 4 PM. The Palace has Raja Niwas, do visit that to take some great pictures that not many tourists are aware of (please ask the guards/ tour guides to take your pictures). The guards in the fort are warm and very nice people. They told us stories about the King, the Raja Niwas. Finally the terrace of the fort provides an exquisite view of the vibrant city.

Photo of Nahargarh Fort, Krishna Nagar, Brahampuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by shobhana.suara

h. For dinner, visit Chokhi Dhani to experience the vibrant and unique culture of Rajasthan. The place is 20 kms away from Jaipur city.The place offers real Rajasthan experience from rustic village ambiance to Bani Thani art to Rajasthani cuisine.

Day 2

City Palace: The City Palace is located in the city and has its own charm. It incorporates spectacular architectural mixture of mughal & Indian Rajsthani art architecture. It also has vast number of courtyards. Most part of the Palace complex is still a Royal residence.There is a museum that displays set of beautifully carved clothes worn by King and queen and the Pritam Niwas Chowk has four small gates that are adorned with themes representing four seasons and Hindu gods.It is most photographed place and trending in Social media. If you want to further explore the Palace, there is entry fees that will give a tour of Chandra Mahal and lets you experience the deluxe life of royals.

b. Jantar Mantar: Is an interesting astronomical observatory,located in the center of the city.It features the world’s largest stone sundial and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.The best time of the day to visit Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is noon as it is easy to understand the process of interpretation of the readings of each instrument.

c. Jawahar Circle: Is situated near Airport on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg. Entrance is through the Patrika gate (Ninth gate of Jaipur), which has exquisite and colorful hand-paintings in each of the nine pillars.The corridors delineates the vibrant and rich culture of Rajasthan. It is among the most trending place to get great shots for social media platforms.

Beautiful paintings in the walls and pillars of the corridors

Photo of Patrika Gate, Jawahar Circle, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by shobhana.suara

d.Hawa Mahal: Also known as Wind palace was used by the royal ladies to have a look at the festivals celebrated in the street.Now hawa mahal is one popular spot in Jaipur. To capture the perfect shot of the obligatory front view of Wind palace, visit The tattoo cafe and Wind view cafe.

Day 1

g. Jal Mahal: Also known as 'Water Palace'is located in the center of Man Sagar lake. The best time to visit is during sunset. Tourists are allowed to view the Jal Mahal from banks of the lake.The reflection of Jal Mahal in the lake is amazing.The spectacular monument surrounded by the Nahargarh hills, located amid the lake is the most photographed place in jaipur. Soak in the moment as the sun sets and enjoy the view.

Day 3

If you want to experience royal heritage and click great photos away from the crowd, than i would suggest to visit Samode Palace. Samode Palace is located 40 kms north of Jaipur. We hired a cab and it costed 1400 for 8 hours(Full day).The palace is beautifully designed in Rajput and Mughal art architectural style.To enter the Palace for a visit, we need to pay cover charges that can be used later for food or drinks.

Day 2

e. While on our way to our hotel, we got to witness the oldest museum of Rajasthan in the evening. Albert Hall Museum is situated in Ram Niwas garden and itself has the most breathtaking Indo-Saracenic architecture. The best part is in the evening the building is lit in various colors of light and providing best picture.The museum has a rich collection of artifacts like pottery, furniture, ivory carvings, stone carvings, textiles and garments, carpets,arms & armor, miniature paintings, musical instruments, jewelry,etc.

Day 1
Photo of Panna Meena ka Kund, Amer, Rajasthan, India by shobhana.suara
Day 2
Day 3

f. Jaigarh fort: Is similar to Nahargarh fort. If only you have time to see than visit this place. It is defense system of Amer that consists of watchtowers and bastions and Asia's largest Canon.Also provides nice view of the pink city.

f. Last but not the least, Shopping in Jaipur is one of the most fulfilling thing to do because Jaipur has a rich collection of unique and traditional products.

Some of the must have when in Jaipur market is 'Mojaris' (the colorful footwear), Rani jhooti,the block-print skirts, dresses, bandhani dupatta, precious & semi-precious stones and handicrafts.

P.S: Do visit Rawat Mistan Bhandar, located near Jaipur Railway Station to taste the some local delicacies like Pyaz ki kachori (Onion Kachori), Mirch Vada and Lassiwala shop in M.I road to drink famous and yummy thick lassi.

Also take a tuk tuk safari in the city as it is very reasonable and fun.

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