Make Your V-day Special by Being in These Amazing Places Near Ahmedabad


Are you excited about the Valentine’s Day approaching closer? Are you still struck on the ways, as to how you would make it your own special day? Are you bored of visiting those cliché restaurants with dim lights or candle light dinners ? Do you wish to make it one of the best “14th feb” ever? If the answer to all of this is “ YES” , then here are five getaways around Ahmedabad, where you can spend this special day, in the most special way and create memories, love and a day, hard to get out of your lives. These five magical places near Ahmedabad will surely leave you awe-struck :

POLO FOREST : Being in Ahmedabad, you might have heard alot about Polo Forest. Around 200 kms from Ahmedabad, Polo Forest is one of those serene places which is surely going to make your day better. Comprising of forests, waterfalls, ancient monuments and beautiful roads, this magical place will entirely live upto your expectations. Once you reach Polo Forest, you can even rent a guest house, if you want to enjoy the rustic life there, you can accommodate yourself in pretty huts that lie just below the hills. Spend this Valentine’s Day amidst nature. Propose your better half in between the beautiful scenic spots, giving some Bollywood tadka to it and drive back home with memories of this place etched in your heart.

JHANJHARI FALLS : Located, 90 kms from Ahmedabad in Dehgam, Jhanjhari Falls is one of the most exciting places where you can be with your partner, this Valentine’s Day. The sight of this falls will swipe you off your feet initially. But you won’t have any other option left than to simply, sit and gaze at the beauty, the lens of your eyes would treat you to. To add some more flavour, you can also enjoy camel rides to the falls, after you have parked your vehicles. If you are a selfie addict, then there cannot be any better place providing you with dramatic backdrops. Spend a beautiful day here and while you are driving back you can stop by, to gorge onto food at one of the many eateries lined up.

NILAI FALLS : Nilai Falls is around 250 kms from Ahmedabad, located in Dediapada, Narmada. Nilai Falls comes in the premises of ShoolPaneshwar wildlife sanctuary. Right from the moment you enter this wildlife sanctuary, the roads will make you fall in love with this not so famous wild-life sanctuary. You will find kids, chasing your cars and waving goodbyes to you, which will leave a smile on your face. And once you have reached the falls, you would be left to amusement when you would hear the sound of silence. It is advisable not to step into the falls. If you want to cook your own food, you have the liberty to do that as well. Drive back when the sun is setting behind the hills and your day is made.

NAL SAROVAR BIRD SANCUTARY : Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary lies at a stretch of 70 kms from Ahmedabad, where you can easily spot migratory birds. This lake which is home to amusement of many people who often wish to find a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. A perfect place for bird watching, where you can also indulge into boat riding and spending a day away from Ahmedabad, relatively calmer and better. You are also going to come across islets which will enhance the charm of your visit here. Visit the paradise that NalSarovar is and you are not going to be disappointed by any chance.

UDAIPUR : Though, Udaipur lies 250 kms from Ahmedabad, you can plan a surprise for your loved one,what you need to do is, keep driving on and on and on and finally stop at Udaipur, which might not even seem like a plan initially. Udaipur will leave you spell-bound with its palaces and lakes. Spend a beautiful day there, dine in one of the finest palaces, propose your partner at one of the most romantic place in India. End the day by dining in one of the places next to the lake or at the palaces in between the lake and in any case, the surprise would be the best thing you could have thought of.

Make sure, you get the best “14 th Feb” as this day comes once in a year and you have got all the reasons to make it your own day and make it special. You now need to stop reading, making castles in the air and simply be at any of these places.