Padharo Mhare Desh~Royal Rajasthan.

26th Feb 2020
Day 2

Day 1: We started our journey to Rajasthan by train on 22nd December,19. As due to our short Christmas break we didn't wanted to waste our time just sitting in the hotel or laze around. We tried to explore as much place as we could on each day.

Day 3

Day 2: We reached Jaipur in early morning at 7.15am where there was nip in the air and the sunrise was crisp. We booked Uber and quickly headed to our budget hotel. Without wasting any time we freshen up and headed straight to City palace~ Palace of Royality. Everything around that palace was an awestruck moment looking at the guards, the big door, chandelier which was the centre of attraction and how can one forget to explore the unexplored doors of the city palace.
* Must visit this place if your in Jaipur.
*Entry fee- ₹350 and to visit the palace at the top which will cost around ₹3000.

After the city palace we headed towards nearest foodstalls as stomach was calling for some food😜 because that day we didn't even had our breakfast😌

Evening was strolled around baapu bazar~the famous bazar for street shopping which is full of vibrant hangings, jaipuri juttis, bandani dupattas etc.

PS: Only City palace was in our list in Jaipur as other places like Amer fort, Hawwa Mahal, Jantar Mantar was covered in the year 2017.

Day 4

Day 3: We hardly slept previous night as early morning call to catch another train to our next destination~Jodhpur. Boarded train at 5.10am and reached Jodhpur at 11.45am (train was running 20minutes late).

Getting down at Jodhpur was different feeling. It was more local then Jaipur. We had booked our rooms with zostel which was one kinda great experience. I won't exaggerate here but the staff was very courteous and friendly.
After our check-in was done, we freshen up quickly and headed towards Toorji ka Jalhra which was hardly seconds distance of walking from our Zostel. Toorji ka Jhalra~ symmetrical stairs which was built in 1740's. This place will leave you mesmerised. One can sit there and watch around and rejuvenate.

Day 5

Day 4: As per the royal wedding of bollywood star it was on our list to visit which is none other than Umaid Bhawan Palace. As the name the palace goes with it. It's architecture is amazing. Maharaja Umaid had built that palace along with 50,000 workers. The history of this palace will leave you speechless. I was amazed looking at the vintage car the Maharaja had. It was said Maharaja Umaid had dreamt of leaving in Royality and the next day he started with his project. I wonder what he might have dreamt of?

After Umaid Bhawan Palace we headed towards the Jaswant Thada which is also known as the Taj Of Merwar. Which was followed by the dream of fort~ Mehrangarh Fort. The fort is simply AMAZING. One had to walk a little more to get the perfect beauty of the whole blue City. The fort has all the things which was used by Maharaja's and Maharani's. From their cutlery to their dinning hall, their attire, palanquin all were simply mindblowing.

Night train towards next and final destination~Jaisalmer.

Day 6

Day 5: Reached Jaisalmer in morning around 5.30am. The climate was freezing chill with 4℃. Had to pull out more warm clothes from bag. Reached our hostel at 6.00am took a good sleep and didn't wanted to rush with the day because the best planned activity for that noon was desert safari.

One cannot imagine how beautiful our India is. That moment when you reach the desert where everywhere you are being only surrounded by sand, gigantic windmills and few a big cactus plant.

Once we reached our desert camp we were welcomed by tea/coffee and the tour/camp guide who will guide you to the entire day of your schedule. After the small and quick session of tea/coffee break someone was waiting for us. Our ride for the day~Mr Camel (the desert king). Had to be honest, it was completely a mixed feeling and the weirdest ride I had ever taken in my life😁

After our 30-50minutes of ride we reached the place where sky kiss the sand in it's sunrise and sunset~The Sam Sand Dunes. In my traveling experience this was the best feeling ever. Sitting there in peace and watching the sunset is the biggest achievement one can have in life.
Staying there in tent and watching the milky way was another feeling. The air was crisp, sand turned to be too freezed and how in this moment one cannot have bonfire.
Made some new friends, shared the interest and lots of fun.

Day 7

Day 6: Heading back to our Pavillion~Feeling of both happiness and sad. Happy because I will be forever cherishing the moments lived in Rajasthan and sad because had to leave as vacay was over.


Day 1

City Palace

Photo of Padharo Mhare Desh~Royal Rajasthan. by Kavita Sood

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Photo of Padharo Mhare Desh~Royal Rajasthan. by Kavita Sood

Mehrangarh Fort~ mirrors everywhere

Photo of Padharo Mhare Desh~Royal Rajasthan. by Kavita Sood

Blue heritage~Jodhpur

Photo of Padharo Mhare Desh~Royal Rajasthan. by Kavita Sood

Sunrise in~Jaisalmer (sam sand dunes)

Photo of Padharo Mhare Desh~Royal Rajasthan. by Kavita Sood

Beautiful Sunset at Sam sand dunes

Photo of Padharo Mhare Desh~Royal Rajasthan. by Kavita Sood

The Happy Ending and promise to meet again at new place ????

Photo of Padharo Mhare Desh~Royal Rajasthan. by Kavita Sood