The gateway to Photoshoots and Pre-weds in Jaipur

30th Mar 2023
Day 1

One of the most photographed spots be it by travellers or Pre wedding shoots, Patrika Gate has become a crowning jewel of Jaipur. Located approx 10-12 kms from the city center, the gate serves as an entrance to Jawahar Circle Garden.

The Patrika Gate has been named after a local news company publishing a newspaper named Rajastan Patrika.

It has been built as a unique conceptual platform that showcases the architectural and cultural heritage of Rajasthan with vibrant colors to leave you awestruck as you go through the details.

When looking from outside, you will see a huge gate painted in the colors of traditional trademarked color of Jaipur- Pink, peeking through lush green trees and facing the Jawahar Circle. And on the inside it is a walk away through the rainbows spelling perfection , beauty  and cultural richness.

The tourists walking underneath through the Symmetrical corridors in the shape of archways are left speechless by the immense beauty of the well designed and decorated walls, pillars and ceiling.

The Symmetrical corridor is the most photographed spot for a perfect shoot where the architectural and cultural details act as a magical backdrop for the portraits to make every shot a masterpiece.

The garden timings are 6am to 9pm. There is a beautiful musical fountain installed inside the park which acts as another location for  your pictures. The timings are 7:30pm to 8pm. The Patrika gate being the entrance is open 24x 7.

Must visit once and enjoy the hospitality and culture of Jaipur/Rajasthan.

Photo of Patrika Gate by Amit Singla
Photo of Patrika Gate by Amit Singla