Ramet Gorge-A Playground!

9th Sep 2014
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 1/11 by Audrey
Arpi had a blast too
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 2/11 by Audrey
the funny part
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 3/11 by Audrey
through the river :)
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 4/11 by Audrey
lovely Ramet gorge- the start of our adventur
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 5/11 by Audrey
first glance at the formations
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 6/11 by Audrey
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 7/11 by Audrey
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 8/11 by Audrey
smiling through the struggles
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 9/11 by Audrey
at the gate
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 10/11 by Audrey
where the real fun begins
Photo of Ramet Gorge-A Playground! 11/11 by Audrey
the fun part

In the summer of 2013, after we both finished our license exams at the University, Arpi and I decided to go on a little trip together to celebrate the end of our studies. The destination we picked was one not too far from Cluj, and because we are such nature-lovers, we decided to go trekking for a day and visit a city in the other. The first day we got lost so we had to change our plans and stay in Alba Iulia for the night. The next morning we headed towards the Trascau Mountains  but instead of conquering the peak, we decided we’d go and check out the gorges. Ramet gorge was on top of the list, because as I found out 2-3 days earlier, it was quite a long and challenging trekk, and also breathtakingly beautiful.

The path starts among the woods and after a while takes you down to the margin of the river. For a while you can go on land, and after that there are some stiff iron structures along the path, which makes it easier for one not to fall into the water. There is only one marked way and if you don’t want to get yourself wet (yet), you can follow the marked trail and continue your path on the iron set-ups.

I have never been in such a place where one had to walk on such structures and although I loved it all the way and it gave me a bit of adrenaline, I must admit that there were some parts when I struggled. Being only 1.58m (5’1″) I have very short legs and because these “structures” were at some distance one from another, I couldn’t always reach them on my own, without  help. So if you’re short, remember take someone with you to help if needed!

This particular segment is my personal favorite. You have very big chances of falling in, so you better watch your step! I sure did hang on for dear life, whilst Arpi was a little more relaxed than I was :)

I entitled the photo above the “funny part” because we were so careful before not to get wet, but we arrived to a segment which required getting into the water – up to my stomach! And what was even more funny that after we crossed this portion, we were changing our clothes and we saw another couple ahead who were in the water the same way we were earlier- which meant another “deep” segment was right ahead of us..and we changed our clothes…Seeing them made us put on our wet clothes again, and we crossed the path wet to the bone, laughing at ourselves!

We crossed the whole gorge, the end of the path is in the forest just like it started, and it leads to other gorges in the area. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go through them as well, but I hope that in the future I can return to this lovely place that made my love of gorges grow stronger, and get to know it’s brothers and sisters in the area too!