The Marvels of Ancient Rome

1st Sep 2015
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Rome City View

When you're getting married then the best place to travel is Europe. On our last visit to Italy we experienced some great infrastructure, culture and heritage built during the Roman Empire. The city tour can be covered under 200 Euros, and we covered some great places which we would like to share below. 

The Roman Empire grew from a small settlement on the River Tiber to a conglomeration-spanning continental Europe, Britain, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean islands. Some feat! Rome, of course was at the heart of it all; founded more than two and a half thousand years ago, this ancient city is today a treasure trove of history, art and architecture passed down the ages. the subject of study, travel and exploration

The most famous artefact of ancient Rome has to be the Colosseum, built for gladiatorial combat and extravagant sea battles. Despite what you might have seen in the movie The Gladiator, gladiators rarely fought each other to death, or even against animals. The reason? They were too valuable. Gladiators were the celebrities of their time, and a lot of time and effort went into training them. That didn’t stop Roman physicians reportedly recommending gladiator blood as a cure for various ailments, such as infertility and epilepsy, or woman using gladiator sweat as a skin tonic. Learn more about the gladiators and the spectacles staged in the Colosseum with a personal guide. In Rome, the road alongside the Colosseum is closed to traffic on a Saturday, facilitating strolls with more authentic views.

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As well as inventing roads, concrete and the calendar we still use today, the Romans may also have been responsible for the first shopping mall. The beautiful ruins of Trajan’s Market feature spaces for warehouses, shops and offices, possibly used as administrative offices for Emperor Trajan. This well-preserved, multi-storeyed site offers an insight into the daily life of ancient Romans and it is possible to walk along an ancient shopping street or along one of the internal corridors.

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If the Colosseum is the best known of Rome’s historical sites, then the best preserved and the most beautiful is the Pantheon. Originally dedicated to all Roman gods, the Pantheon was converted to a Christian church in 608 CE. This allowed the Pantheon to escape being mined for building materials, a fate that turned much of ancient Rome into the ruins we know today. After visiting the Pantheon, head to La Casa del Caffè D’Oro for one of the best coffees in Rome. This café and coffee roasters is just around the corner. You may also take a Tour Guide if you wish to to know more about the History of Italy or particularly Colosseum

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With its busy street life, Rome rewards walkers. An easy detour as you cross the River Tiber in search of leafy Trastevere is Tiber Island. To reach it, cross the Fabricium Bridge, the oldest bridge in Rome built in 62 BCE ,and the only Roman era bridge to survive whole. The sole island on the Tiber has been linked by bridge to Rome since antiquity, and it is surrounded by legend. One such legend is that the island was built on the ruins of a ship. Another says that a hated king, King Tarquinius Superbus, was overthrown, and his body thrown into the river by angry Romans. Silt and mud built up around his body, eventually forming the island. The picturesque island is now home to a hospital.

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When you are tired of Rome, tired of the bustle of the busy modern city and tired of the endless Roman art and ruins, head to Rome’s outskirts. Parco dell’Appia Antica is home to part of Via Appia Antica, an ancient road that once connected Rome with Capua. The Appian Way is flanked by beautiful cypress trees, pine trees and ancient tombs, the perfect spot to walk or cycle. Stretching your legs and heading away from the city might be just what you need to rejuvenate your tired spirits. Returning to one of Rome’s piazzas in time for aperitivo hour will also help.

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Rome City View

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