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The Imperial Tour of Rome

30th Jan 2014
Photo of The Imperial Tour of Rome 1/4 by Giuseppe
Photo of The Imperial Tour of Rome 2/4 by Giuseppe
Palatine Hill
Photo of The Imperial Tour of Rome 3/4 by Giuseppe
Ruins of the Roman Forum
Photo of The Imperial Tour of Rome 4/4 by Giuseppe
Inside view of the Colosseum

History is imbedded in the very heart of Rome. From the peripheries and its hills to its very core that meets at the grand Colosseum- every step you take on the cobbled lanes and archaic alleys of Rome will remind you of a chapter in history. Shades of modernity from the 21st century blend into the canvas of its glorious past. Classicism takes shape at every corner of the intriguing and one of the finest cities in the world. Rome, in any of its multihued forms, will never cease to surprise you with its aww-inspiring magnificence and grandeur.

This tour takes you to where it all began... back into 753 B.C. ..from the rustic pillars of the Roman Forum to the grand ruins on Palatine Hill to the grandiose of the still strong and standing walls of the Colosseum! 

Ask your friends and family to join you on the tour at no extra cost. 

Tour Duration: Min. 3 hours

Price Excludes: Entrance Fees

Minimum number of people required for this tour is 4. If you have a group less than 4, you will have to pay a fee of Euro 115 in total. 

Considered an epitome of Roman architecture, this standing testimony in concrete and stone once was home to a lot of spectatorship. It not only reflects the culture and history of ancient Rome but also stands true to the many battles and its re-enactments. While the more said the lesser it is for this magnificent structural work, one visit and you’ll be left mesmerized!
Photo of Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo, Rome, Italy by Giuseppe
Right beside the site of the Colosseum, towards the west lies the remains of the Roman Forum. While it’s one of the oldest yet has exceedingly become the most significant historical as well as architectural landmarks of ancient Rome. Structurally, it’s a rectangular plaza, perimetered with ruins of the most important state and government buildings. As you visit this historic heritage site, you’ll realize how the ever-spoken political public life ran in a day in Rome. And it’s very walls and pillars speak aloud of the origins of present day political thoughts and ideologies of liberalism, democracy, state, and even citizenship! Having been an important part of the popular public life, it stood testimony especially to processions, trails, meetings, speeches, elections and gladiator matches. It is also known to have enshrined Roman Gods & Goddesses, alongside the house of The Senate of Roman city states, which eventually gave birth to the Republican government in Rome. Although visibly in ruins, the Roman Forum resonates the architectural marvels, debatable political past and grandeur culture that ancient Rome was.
Photo of Roman Forum, Rome, Italy by Giuseppe
Highly regarded and revered in the legends of Rome’s history and mythology, Palatine Hill is the center most of the seven hills on which Rome was built. Legends speak boastfully about the founding of Rome through the story of Romulus and Remus. Even famous senators such as Augustus Caesar are said to have lived on this hill, deriving the word “palace” from Palatine. The Domitian’s imperial palace constitutes most of the land on the hill, alongside a museum that houses many precious artifacts from Rome’s glorious ancient past.
Photo of Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy by Giuseppe