15 Best Places to Visit in Sikkim During Your Next Trip

Photo of 15 Best Places to Visit in Sikkim During Your Next Trip by Shruti Singh

Another heaven on earth, Sikkim is one of the most popular destinations in India. And why not? It’s off the beaten track and boasts a rich cultural heritage that not only attracts experts in the realm of spiritual knowledge but also makes sure that everyone feels welcome. From spectacular Himalayan views, to ancient monasteries, to some of the best treks in India, you can find it all here. The Himalayan state of Sikkim is a gem that's worth discovering. Spoil yourself in the vibrant hill stations, pristine lighthouses and dense jungles of this land filled with natural wonders.

So without further ado, here are some attractions and the best places to see while you’re travelling through this majestic state.

1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp

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Photo of Dzongri, West Sikkim by Shruti Singh

The Kanchenjunga Base Camp, located over 14,000 feet above sea level, is one of the top Sikkim tourist destinations and an adventurer's paradise. The Kanchenjunga range, which forms one of the most stunning portions of the Himalayas, is one of the most scenic places of Sikkim, and all of this can be viewed in the greatest clarity and mightiness from the base camp. The main experience for people is seeing the world's third highest peak up close to here, which is why this site is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

Location: Dzongri, Sikkim

Best time to visit: April to June and Mid September to October.

2. Gurudongmar Lake

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Photo of Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim by Shruti Singh

Gurudongmar Lake is a glacial lake and the highest in altitude in India, and the fourth highest lake in the world. Upoaring mountains surround Gurudongmar Lake, giving it an idyllic location. The lake has an average depth of 5m on its deepest part. It is in fact one of the best sites in India to be mind blown by nature's capacity to mesmerize us. A walk by this magnificent lake is a must do on your Sikkim trip.

Location : 173 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit : March to June

3. Yuksom

Photo of Yuksom, West Sikkim by Shruti Singh

Yuksom is a historical picturesque town in Sikkim. It is also known as the “Getaway to Kanchenjunga.” There are many waterfalls and cascades on this hill, which are surrounded by lush green forest. If you come here during monsoon season, chances are that you will get to watch the monsoon rain from the beautiful waterfall. It is the starting point of many treks. There is also a vegetation park in this place where you can see different species of flora and fauna.

Location : 119 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit: October to mid-December and March to mid-June.

4. Lachen

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Photo of Lachen, North Sikkim by Shruti Singh

Lachen is a quaint village in North Sikkim known for its scenic landscapes and wooden homes. The Nyingma order of Himalayan Buddhism, the Lachen Monastery, Lachen Chu, and the alpine covers are the most prevalent areas in Lachen. The Eastern Himalayas' pine-covered valleys and black cliffs of snowy-white slopes begin at Lachen, making it the base point for numerous trekking sites in North Sikkim, including the famous Green Lake and Kanchenjunga National Park treks.

Location : Mangan district, 107 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit : May to September

5. Nathula Pass

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Photo of Nathula, Shigatse by Shruti Singh

It is located on the Indo-Tibet border which makes it an important Himalayan pass. Apart from natural beauty, you can also get to see the Indian Army's exhibition center and a magnificently constructed war memorial. You will need a permit and a valid identity proof to visit this place. You can learn more about permits in this region here.

The journey to Nathula Pass will undoubtedly captivate you as it It is one of the top spots to visit in Sikkim.

Location : East of Gangtok

Best time to visit : May to October

6. Tsomgo Lake


Photo of Tsongmo Lake, East Sikkim by Shruti Singh

On your Sikkim trip, you must not miss Tsomgo Lake, a natural beauty that should be on your agenda. Tsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake, is a glacial lake in Sikkim and a great site to explore. The Sikkimese consider this lake to be a Jhakris, which means it has healing properties. The lake appears different in different seasons, maintaining its charm throughout the year. You'll need a permit to visit this marvel of nature.

Location : 37 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit: April to May and June to mid-December.

7. Pelling

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Photo of Pelling, West Sikkim by Shruti Singh

A beautiful town in West Sikkim, Pelling is known for the breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges and Kanchenjunga peak. Located at a high height of 6800ft, is a perfect location for experiencing the Himalayan vistas without the harshness of the high mountains. Without trekking, this is the closest you can get to the mountains. Pelling is also home to some of the oldest monasteries of Sikkim. Don't miss this place on your Sikkim trip.

Location : 113 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit: May to July

8. Skywalk


Photo of Sky Walk Pelling Sikkim, Pelling City by Shruti Singh

India's first skywalk was opened in Sikkim in the year 2018. The skywalk is about 2.5 km from Pelling and is located at a height of 7,200. It overlooks the statue of Chenrezig and gives a panoramic view of the Buddhist pilgrimage site, the stairs leading up to it and the golden prayer wheels. Walking over it makes you feel on cloud nine, quite literally. It's definitely something you cannot miss on your trip to this state full of surprises.

Location : Pelling

Best time to visit : February to July

9. Ravangla

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Photo of Ravangla, West Sikkim by Shruti Singh

A picturesque village in Sikkim, Ravangla is also home to stunning monasteries and Buddhist pilgrimage site. It also has rare and endangered bird species and hence a paradise for bird watchers. Its tea gardens, waterfalls and adventure sports also attracts tourists. The gigantic golden Buddha in Ravangla is a must visit place in Sikkim.

Location : 67 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit : April to June

10. Zero Point

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Photo of Zero Point, North Sikkim by Shruti Singh

Zero Point, also known as Yumesamdong, is an ideal place for high altitude expeditions. There are no civilian roads beyond this and that is why it is called Zero Point. For people who love winters and fantasize about snow, this is the the place as it's covered with snow for most part of the year. It's also a good place for off-roading if you are interested in it. You can also spot Yaks grazing in the snow. This winter wonderland will fully captivate you.

Location : 32 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit : April to May

11. Yumthang

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Photo of Yumthang, North Sikkim by Shruti Singh

Yumthang Valley, located in North Sikkim, is a paradise on earth with natural wonders. It is home to a plethora of flowers, breathtaking mountains, and a tranquil river. You can spend time at Yumthang Chu on your way to this gorgeous valley. And don't miss out on the hot spring. It is also popular for the wide variety of flowers. This small town will enable you to get lost in nature far from the hustle-bustle of the city, a perfect escape you might need

Location : 140 km north of Gangtok

Best time to visit : February to June

12. Goecha La

Photo of Goecha La, West Sikkim by Shruti Singh

If you are an adventure lover and trekking is your thing, this trek is a must-do. It will take you close to the legendary Mt. Kanchenjunga peak. As beautiful as it is, this trek is also challenging and hence not for the faint-hearted people. You will come across suspension bridges, a tranquil monastery, and serene lake below the summit point. You can unleash the adventure junkie in you and experience gigantic views of the mountains on this trek.

Location : West Sikkim

Best time to visit : April to May and October to November

13. Zuluk

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Photo of Zuluk, East Sikkim by Shruti Singh

Zuluk, also known as Dzuluk, is a tiny settlement that was previously a stopover on the old Silk Road connecting Tibet and India. It is a relatively new and out-of-the-way attraction in East Sikkim. This little community has a population of around 700 people. Zuluk also has an Indian Army base. Surrounded by wild forests, it also has a variety of birds. Away from the touristy destination in Sikkim, you can experience nature in its pristine form with lesser crowd at Zuluk.

Location : 91 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit : August to September

14. Namchi

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Photo of Namchi, South Sikkim by Shruti Singh

Namchi is endowed with a lot of things which can attract a tourist. From majestic monasteries, traditional temples, mountain views and lush green landscapes, it has it all. You can visit the Tendong Hill, Rock Garden , Tea Garden and many other places. Wherever you go in Namchi, you'll be amazed by scenic views and the culture of the state it represents.

Location : 78 km from Gangtok

Best time to visit : March to May

15. Gangtok

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Photo of Gangtok, East Sikkim by Shruti Singh

The capital of Sikkim is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the country. It is the perfect amalgamation of culture, urbanization and natural beauty. Every tourist spot in Sikkim can be accessed from Gangtok. Your Sikkim trip wil be incomplete without visiting Gangtok.

Location : East Sikkim

Best time to visit : March to June

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