Best Free & Fun Things To Do In The City of Lion, Singapore!

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It is very obvious that travelling around in Singapore may not be cheap as the other south east asian countries cities. For example, visiting the iconic Universal Studios in Singapore could cost you around 60-70$ for an adult and an entry ticket to the Sands Skypark on top the Marinabay Sands Hotel could cost you around 26-30$. But, let me assure you that there are plenty of amazing sights in this little island which you can explore and enjoy for absolutely free of charge – starting from marvellous city scapes and beautiful garden, this city has a lot to offer for every type of tourist. Just keep in mind there would be always a cost involves in getting to this places and it depends on the mode you choose to travel. Here is the list of few places around the downtown Singapore to explore without spending any money.

Marina Bay

Enjoy a beautiful morning walk along the bay

When you search Singapore in Google i am very sure this place would show up in top But do you know that its also a one of the favourite place to watch sunrise in singapore. the iconic Marina bay sands hotel is on the one side and the marvellous city scape view on the other side this whole bay area is a majestic sight to witness from every corner of it. the views along the marinabay is described as one of the best city views in the world and you will not disagree with it after you visit this place. the place always looks so alive with all kind of people walking around starting from tourist, office workers and people who come here regularly to exercise

It might be a long walk let me assure you that this experience wont't disappoint you at all. The art science museum , The esplanade theatres, The HeLix bridge and the Float at Marinabay all are situated within walking distance all around this bay.

The spectra light & Music show

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Make sure to catch the free to access spectra light show at the bay area every night. be sure to reach the place early to secure a seat in the front area to enjoy this beautiful show of lights and music.

The Merlion park

Photo of Merlion, Singapore by Thatcameraboy

And most importantly the one of the icon Singapore , The Merlion in situated right here in the Marina bay itself , which is totally free of charge to visit. from sunrise to sunset this is one of the must visit place. a quick tip for those want a photo with less tourist in it go early is the morning as possible because a around 8 am in the morning all the tourists busses starts to arrive and this place can get real crowded throughout the day

Gardens by the bay

A 10-15 min walk from marinabay will bring you to to this massive Gardens by the where the singapore's iconic supertrees are situated. entrance to the gardens itself totally free of charge except the flower dome , cloud forest and the OCBC skywalk where you will get to walk above the supertrees and enjoy the amazing views of gardens and the bay around it. make sure to visit the gardens at the late evening time to catch the beautiful light show at the supertrees area every night free of charge. it is one of the experience you shouldn't miss similar to the marinabay spectra light show

the supertrees at Gardens by the bay

Photo of Best Free & Fun Things To Do In The City of Lion, Singapore! by Thatcameraboy

Morning views along the bay

Photo of Best Free & Fun Things To Do In The City of Lion, Singapore! by Thatcameraboy

The path along the flower dome and and the cloud forest leading to marina barrage is one of the most scenic path for a morning jog. the fresh morning breeze and wind coming from the bay is the refreshing start you need to carry on the day. i would strongly suggest this for those who stay close to the downtown to try out as this will one of the best morning run for you remember

Marina barrage

Not very far from the gardens by the bay The marina barrage is situated in a perfect spot which can give you whole panoramic view of the city scape. This award winning damn and the complex is a very famous for the families in singapore for picnic and kiting or to have a simple get together session with friends and families in the massive lawn on top of this structure. make sure to visit here during the sunset , you won't be disappointed with view from here. the sun setting behind the skyscrapers of singapore is a sight you wont forget.

the magical view from the lawn of marina barrage

There is a kids playing area at the ground floor with fountains and little water pools where your kids can have a good time while you enjoy the beauty and the wind from the bay.

All of the above places i have mentioned here are very easy to do in a day with a little bit of walking around only. there plenty of paces to eat and buy snacks from therefore the walk won't be that difficult for you. let me know if i missed anything here and if you need more details about the places mentioned here or any other similar options.

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