Dhankar,Spiti Valley- #TripotoTakeMeToDeoriatal


This photograph is one of my favorites.
When I was climbing the steep paths of Dhankar to reach Dhankar Palace (where this man is), the only thing in sight were these mountains and the river.
Isolation being significance of Spiti, I wasn't really expecting to come across any foreign face.
I, with my mates, climbed to the Palace and it was nothing but ruins. And obviously the beauty of picturesque we held in our eyes can't be expressed in lexis.
It was after we climbed our way to a temple which was opposite to this palace that I saw this man. My first thought was- "In this humongous world, we often fail to realize what tiny place we occupy. We start seeing ourselves as the supreme force. But one encounter with nature and you know where you are. Admit that you don't know the world and then run on a quest to know it better than you knew before. That will change everything, for good." This photo gives me a sense of freedom. A sense of determination. And I have no idea why I love it so much.

Heart says- "Some feelings are too tough to be expressed in words." #TripotoTakeMeToDeoriatal #Himalayas #himachalpradesh #Spitivalley #spiti #Dhankar #Buddhist #monastery #mountains #nature #lover #live #laugh #love #nofilter #india #himalayangeographic #iamnikon #Nikon #manali #oldmanali

Photo of Dhankar,Spiti Valley- #TripotoTakeMeToDeoriatal by Shivangi Varshney