Traveling in Taipei: The Best Attractions and Top Things to Do in One of Taiwan's Most Visited City


Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, bound by modernity and ancient Chinese culture. The metropolis is popular among tourist because of its magnificence and unique beauty that easily captures the eyes and heart of visitors. According to the reports of Taiwan's Tourism Bureau, there has been an increase of 1.87% in the number of tourist in the city in 2016. Most of these travelers are foreign nationals who came from different parts of the world. Thus, the estimated 10,000 visitors are expected to rise this 2017 with the dedication of the city's authorities in boosting their tourism sector.

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Do you want to explore the vibrant Taipei city and have the most memorable vacation for your family?

Know the top five attractions right here that you should not miss in your Taipei tour.

1. The Confucius Temple.

Confucius is the icon of Confucianism which started in China. In honor of the Chinese philosopher, the Confucius Temple is established. This grand architectural structure is a creation of the renowned Fujian craftsman Wang Yi-shun. The construction of the temple is around the late 1920's which inspired by Minnan or Taiwan's southern style architecture. Inside the temple is a collection of Confucius' history and the Six Confucian Arts.

2. The National Palace Museum.

The tourist spot is one of the most visited for those who want to learn the truth behind Ancient Chinese history. The museum exhibits a total of 700,000 historical artifacts from different parts of China. Also, the National Palace Museum is one of the oldest structures around Taiwan. Reconstruction took place in the museum after its suffering from devastations more than a hundred years in the past.

3. The Beitou Hot Spring.

If you are searching for a relaxing vacation, you can soak in the infamous spring of Taipei. This hot spring is structured as a bathhouse back in the Japanese occupation. However, today, the purpose of Beitou Hot Spring is to give a therapeutic bath among its guests. Greeneries and colorful sweet-smelling flowers surround the hot spring. It is best to immerse yourself in the hot spring especially after an exhausting tour around the city.

4. Night Market Tour in Taipei.

The city is widely recognized because of its bustling urban life even at night. As the sun goes down, the night marketsa opens up to give the best and authentic Taiwanese food to fill up your hungry tummy. Aside from Taiwan delicacies, you can also find various products which came from different regions of the country. Hence, the night market is the best place to go for your souvenir shopping. Taipei has several night markets around the city. Some of the most visited markets are the following:

• Tonghua Night Market

• Shilin Night Market

• Ningxia Night Market

• Raohe Street Night Market

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