Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala

Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

A trip to Kerala would be incomplete without visiting the captivating Kovalam beach. 'Kovalam' means a grove of coconut trees, and the community lives up to its name, offering an infinite sight of coconut trees. There is nothing more romantic and pleasurable than travelling from any location to Kovalam, one of India's most famous destinations. The sun shining on the blue waves and making the surface of the sea sparkle like sapphire is a stunning sight that dazzles everyone who witnesses it. The golden, sandy beach nestled between the turquoise waves and the green palm trees dotting the coastal area is ideal for unwinding after a stressful day.

History of Kovalam Beach

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Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

According to the history of Kovalam beach, it was formerly an unknown remote beach in Kerala, and it first came into existence when Sethu Laxmi Bai, the Regent Queen of Travancore, built a beach resort here known as the Halcyon Castle in 1920. Later, her nephew, the Maharaja of Travancore, brought this location to the public's attention. Following that, European guests of the King of Travancore were invited to this enthralling place during the British era, and the secluded beauty and natural charm of Kovalam promoted it as a preferred beach resort in the 1930s. The British discovered this beach resort to be quite attractive and spectacular, and they began to promote it as a major tourist attraction in Kerala.

How to reach

By Air: Thiruvananthapuram airport, which is only 10 kilometres away, is the closest to Kovalam. To reach the beach town of Kovalam from the airport, private cabs, taxis and auto rickshaws are easily available. KSRTC is now launching new shuttles that provide an affordable journey to town on a low budget.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Kovalam is Thiruvananthapuram, which has an excellent train network connecting it to other cities and states in India. The railway station is 14 kilometres from Kovalam, and several trains are running from here to other major cities in Kerala and other states. There is a regular bus and taxi service from the station to Kovalam.

Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

By Road: Kovalam has a decent road network, and express, Volvo, and premium buses run from major towns in South India to the beach town. The state tourist department operates regular buses from the capital city of Tiruvananthapuram and other locations in Kerala to Kovalam which suit the budgets of different tourists. Traveling by car from Bangalore to Trivandrum is another viable alternative.

Best time to visit Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is a year-round location that is nice throughout the year. However, if the best season to visit this beach town for the greatest Kerala holiday has to be chosen, it will be from September to March. This time of year is known as the winter season, and it provides sunny days and cold nights. Festivals and beach carnivals are also excellent reasons to visit Kovalam. During the winter, the average temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Summer season in Kovalam

Although temperatures do not rise too high in the summer, it does become humid. The months of March to May are known for having a low level of tourists in Kovalam. On the other hand, you will get excellent offers at the most luxurious hotels and resorts. The temperature can rise up to about 37-degree Celsius, which when you think, is not that high.

Monsoon season in Kovalam

Heavy rains are prevalent in Kovalam during the monsoon season. The Kovalam weather in June starts to cool off with intermittent rains. The monsoon season lasts from June to August, and the magnificence of the flora and fauna is greatly enhanced. The scenery appears lush and rich. During these months, any nature enthusiast would be happy to visit Kovalam beach. Also, don't leave the house without an umbrella or a raincoat, especially in July.

Winter season in Kovalam

Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

The winter season, from November to February, is the most common preferred time for travellers to visit Kovalam. After the monsoons, the temperatures drop and the sky clears, making it much easier to explore the town in its natural beauty. Winter in Kovalam beach is not bitterly cold; in fact, temperatures range from 16 to 35 degrees Celsius, making it a great season to visit. Winters in Kovalam are also marked by beach festivals and taking boat rides can be an amazing experience.

To know about the things to do in Kovalam Beach.

5 Best Beaches in Kovalam

Kovalam is well-known for its numerous fishing villages near the shores, where you may watch the fishermen at work or taste the local food. Here is a list of the top 5 beaches in Kovalam.

1. Kovalam Beach

Photo of Kovalam Beach, Kovalam by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

As a globally recognised beach, it attracts hundreds of visitors who come to have fun and splash in the water. Kovalam is divided into three sections, each separated by rocky outcroppings. These three beach sections form the shape of a crescent. The crescent shape of this beach form is well-known around the globe. Kovalam beach is known for a variety of activities such as sunbathing, swimming, body massages, and other cultural programmes and events.

2. Vizhinjam Beach

(C) Swati Chaturvedi

Photo of Vizhinjam, Kovalam by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Vizhinjam Beach is another lovely attraction near Kovalam. It is widely used by fisherman to catch fish. The 8th century rock cut caves are the main attraction of this beach. Located in Vizhinjam town that's 3 km away from Kovalam, this beach was once known to be one of the largest ports in India.

3. Lighthouse Beach

(C) Akash Ahuja

Photo of Light House Road, Kovalam by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Lighthouse Beach is the most happening and popular of Kovalam. A 30 m tall lighthouse built on Kurumkal Hill directly along the beach serves as a landmark for the beach, hence the name. Climb over 140 steps to reach the observation area with views over Poovar village on one side and Beemapalli Mosque on the other.

4. Pozhikkara Beach

Pozhikkara is a picturesque beach in Kovalam located where the backwaters meet the sea. The beach is one of the greenest in the city, lined with huge, towering trees and lush greenery. The beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing, but it also provides a plethora of other activities to make your trip memorable. You can also taste the delectable local delicacies from the beach side shops and shacks.

5. Samudra Beach

Photo of Samudra Beach Park, Kovalam by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Samudra beach is located in the northern side of Kovalam and has a fairly less population. It has a quiet and serene ambiance that is quite soothing to the soul. There are many ayurvedic centres in this area, so you know where to go to obtain those special treatments. This beach is breathtaking in terms of beauty, and visiting it leaves one feeling mentally and physically relaxed and at peace.

5 Most Popular Places in and around Kovalam other than beach

1. Karamana River

Karamana river, which is considered to be the pride of Kerala, is a must-see if you want to enjoy a tranquil boat ride amidst beautiful patches of green delight. The river is endowed with tranquil surroundings and a variety of fish you may not have seen before. There are huge tropical plantations surrounding the river, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in nature's grandeur. There are numerous houseboats available for tourists to reserve for a night's stay. This natural beauty, with the sound of birds twilight and a calm atmosphere, is worth a visit.

2. Halycon Castle

(C) Akash Ahuja

Photo of Halcyon Castle Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Sri Rama Varma Valiya Koil Thampuran erected Halcyon Castle, popularly known as Napier Museum, as a summer getaway in 1932. In 1964, Sri Rama Varma sold this palace to the Kerala government. Halcyon Castle is now a 5-star luxury hotel managed by Ravi Pillai, an NRI businessman. The stunning expansive lawn that surrounds the magnificent castle is a sight to behold. You can get a splendid view of the beach and watch sunsets on the private beach which can be accessed from the luxurious Hotel.

3. Neyyar Dam

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Photo of Neyyar Dam, Kallikkad by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

This gravity dam is located on the Neyyar River in the Western Ghats foothills. Because of its location, the dam created a beautiful lake that is a perfect picnic spot in Kovalam. Both the dam and the lake are bordered by forests, which are home to a variety of wildlife, including gaur, sloth bears, Nilgiri Tahr, jungle cats, Nilgiri langurs, wild elephants, and deer. Those seeking for pure relaxation can easily visit the Sivananda Yoga Ashram near the lake to indulge in blissful meditation.

4. Vellayani Lake

Vellayani Lake is a large freshwater lake in Kerala that is popular among visitors to Kovalam. It is a unique habitat with a diverse range of flora and fauna that is only 7 kilometres from the city. A quaint road in the form of a bund intersects the lake. During Onam, which is the greatest time to visit, the lake also hosts a snake boat racing competition.

5. Shri Padmanabhswamy Temple

Photo of Padmanabhaswamy Temple Road, Thiruvananthapuram by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

The gorgeous Lord Vishnu temple is over a century old and is one of the must-see places to visit in Kovalam for all spiritual tourists. The temple's architecture is remarkable and represents Dravidian and Keralite culture. The interiors of the temple are adorned with wonderfully created murals and paintings. The flag post of the temple is 80 feet tall and covered in gold sheets. Hindu deities are present in the temple while their sculptures are also finely carved.

Top 5 hotels near Kovalam Beach for any budget

Kovalam is brimming with beachfront hotels from which you can enjoy a relaxing stay while admiring the magnificence of the roaring ocean ahead. Check out our handpicked list of Kovalam Beach hotels that provide a pleasant accommodation.

1. Hotel Samudra KTDC

Photo of Hotel Samudra (KTDC), Thiruvananthapuram by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

The name of this beach resort itself means "the ocean", and it is a perfect site to enjoy the true beauty of Kovalam, the enchanting beach destination. Every room in the hotel faces the sea, and the spacious lawn runs all the way to the beach. It embodies the essence of the sun, sand, and sea in its design, location, and ambience. Tourists can surf on the waves, taste some of the best seafood delicacies or simply let the calm of the deep blue overwhelm you.

Tariff: Starts from Rs. 3000 per room

Click here to book your accommodation.

2. Samudra Theeram Beach Resort

Photo of Samudra Theeram Beach Resort, Kovalam by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Samudra Theeram, a gateway to the god's own nature, is a beach resort nestled in the midst of beautiful coconut palms and the stunning Arabian Sea region that provides a treasured haven for everyone who come. With its architectural excellence, the resort provides ambient leisure and comfort to enjoy the view of the ocean, sunrise, and sunset from every room. The resort, surrounded by kilometres of gorgeous views, provides you with the ideal spot for basking in sea breezes, surfing, enjoying wonderful seafood, and relaxing in the tranquillity of the magnificent oceanic blue.

Tariff: Starts from Rs. 4400 per room

To know more about the reservation policies, click here.

3. Unwind Hotels and Resorts

Unwind Hotels and Resorts, one of the best-rated hotels in Kovalam, offers urban chic, air-conditioned rooms with TV, Free Wifi, Telephone, CCTV, 24-hour front desk, and uninterrupted power backup. The travel desk of the hotel is really helpful in booking tours to nearby sites. The hotel provides a thorough Nadi Pariksha centre where you can get your pulse diagnosed using an ancient approach.

Tariff: Starts from Rs. 2000 per room

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4. Gokulam Grand Turtle on the Beach

Photo of Gokulam Grand Turtle on the Beach, Kovalam by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

This 4-star property overlooks the azure Arabian Sea and a bustling beach and offers an Ayurvedic centre for balanced and personalised health treatments. Enjoy your staycation at their modern rooms featuring traditional Indian décor and dark-wood furnishing. You can unwind in the floral garden or by the outdoor pool, which has a bar lounge. The restaurant serves professionally cooked Indian delicacies.

Tariff: Starts from Rs. 7000 per room

Click here to book.

5. Sky Palace Beach Hotel

Photo of Sky Palace Beach, Kovalam by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Sky Palace Beach Hotel, located 4 miles from Sree Parasurama Temple, has 10 well-appointed rooms, a 24-hour front desk, laundry and ironing service, a beauty shop, and a barbershop. If you are travelling with children, the hotel provides playpens, a play area, and board games to keep them entertained.

Tariff: Rs. 2000 per room

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Popular 5 Restaurants or Café near Kovalam Beach

Nothing beats chowing down on all the delicious food you can get while vacationing in a lovely beach town like Kovalam. Kovalam Beach serves fish, fruit salads, chicken, and traditional Malayalee meals. Along with this, you'll also discover the typical Idli, Dosa, Vadas, and Uttapam in addition to a wide variety of seafood that is virtually exotic, as in many other areas. There are crabs, prawns, lobsters, and other types of seafood available. Here's a list of eateries in Kovalam Beach where you should go to satisfy your hunger.

1. Bait Seafood restaurant

Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

The fabulous seafood restaurant at the Taj Green Cove is designed like an upmarket alfresco beach shack, with waves and palms on one side and chefs in a semi-open kitchen on the other. Bait promises a classy meal in the comfort of a laid-back beach shack atmosphere, and is known for fresh and authentic seafood.

Cost: Rs. 3000 for 2 persons

2. Malabar Café

Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

This restaurant serves delicious tandoori prawns, curry crab, and meat. Spend some time here with your friends and have some delicious pancakes and ice cream. Malabar Cafe offers delicious beer, wine, and Mojitos. Great coffee, tea, and fresh juices are available here.

Cost: Rs. 500 - 800 per person

3. Rock Cafe Restaurant

Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Here you can taste Indian cuisine. Enjoy the tasty chicken, prawns, and fish served at this eatery. Start your meal with a delicious beer. When visiting Rock Cafe Restaurant, you must order amazing coffee. This restaurant is well-known for its excellent service and helpful employees. The welcoming atmosphere will complement the wonderful food and accessible location of this restaurant.

Cost: Rs. 500 - 800 per person

4. Beatles Café

Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

This cozy beachside cafe grill house has gained popularity for quality grilled meats & seafood. This restaurant is a nice choice if you are in the mood for the international cuisine. You will enjoy its food, particularly good pancakes. Visit Beatles for delicious beer. Great cold coffee, tea or lassi are worth a try here.

Cost: Rs. 2000 for 2 persons

5. A Beach Café (ABC) Kovalam

Photo of Kovalam Beach – A Complete Travel Guide For Your Dazzling Holiday in Kerala by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Perfectly cooked garlic fish, salads and prawns are among the dishes to be tasted at this restaurant. Invite your friends with you to eat good pancakes, cheesecakes and chocolate cakes. ABC Cafe & Restaurant has delicious beer among its drinks. Order the great latte, fresh juices or masala chai offered here.

Cost: Rs. 800 for 2 persons

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