Once known as the wettest place on Earth, what does this exquisite destination have now?

9th Jan 2021

Any guesses which place am I talking about?
Now you're truly a nature enthusiast if you did figure out that the destination is none other than our very own Cherrapunjee (Sohra, as the locals call it).
After years, this winter I had the opportunity to visit Sohra. It was nothing like it had been the last time I was here. The roads leading to the major attractions were perfect, the little village that I had known had been turned into a world famous destination in this little corner of the world.

While planning this one-day getaway, what topped my list were places that had come up only recently and I hadn't been to, like Wei Sawdong Waterfalls, The Garden of Caves, Wah- Kaba Waterfalls and Khoh Ramhah. I wish I could cover the currently most popular double decker root bridge as well, but so I wish there were more than 24 hours in that one day! Winters here in the North East of India are all about very early sunsets and I could only visit as many places as time would allow me to. So, for people like me who maybe in a short of time, there's a lite version of it, the single root bridge on the same way to Nongriat! Something is always better than nothing, right?
When travelling from Shillong, you will reach the Garden of Caves before entering Sohra, an artificial garden yet an absolute must-visit! A walk around this garden will give you a complete tour of what all Sohra in general has to offer and much more related to the treasures and stories of the Khasi Hills. It is abundantly gifted with nature as it is with artistry. An upcoming wonder, Wei Sawdong is another must-visit, not only because of its cascading structure but because of its unconditioned trail. I don't know about the regular trekkers, but if you are an occasional one like me, this will be the trek of your lifetime. It's a short one, so don't worry about that.
Like I said, I visited Sohra during the peak winters, the waterfalls weren't as mighty as they are during the monsoons, but the scenic beauty was impeccable! It was the first time I witnessed the colors of fall in the otherwise lush landscapes of Sohra, and trust me, they were out of this world!
So if you're here only for the waterfalls then the winters may not be the best of time to visit, but if you happen to be here during this season (my personal favorite) you'll be welcomed with a world of trekking, clear view points, beautiful sunsets, chilli breeze brushing against your face with the comforting warmth of the sun all at the same time!
And the next time you are here, don't forget to just take atleast five minutes from your schedule to absorb the atmosphere that surrounds the place. Trust me, you'll be taking back much more than you thought you would!
P. S: Don't miss out the broom grass that grows along the entire way in Cherrapunjee. If you're using natural brooms at home, there's no harm in having a closer look at the plant that gives us those brooms. Well yes, Meghalaya is a major producer of brooms in India.

Just Sohra things

Photo of Cherrapunji‎ by Surabhi Sharma

The cascading beauty.

The trail to the waterfalls

Photo of Wei Sawdong by Surabhi Sharma

Wei Sawdong

Photo of Wei Sawdong by Surabhi Sharma

Although almost dried, the location around Dainthlen Falls was to die for!

Dainthlen Falls

Photo of Dainthlen Falls by Surabhi Sharma

The half an hour - an hours walk took me to waterfalls, stone carvings, a bamboo bridge, a panaromic view of Bangladesh and so much greenery around!

Waterfall at Garden of Caves

Photo of Garden Of Caves by Surabhi Sharma

Bangladesh on the other side

Photo of Garden Of Caves by Surabhi Sharma

Stone-caved Shields

Photo of Garden Of Caves by Surabhi Sharma

Bamboo Bridge

Photo of Garden Of Caves by Surabhi Sharma

A single rock which can be trekked up to if you have the time, else you can drive to the top of the rock and enjoy this view!

Khoh Ramhah

Photo of Khoh Ramhah by Surabhi Sharma

You can choose to trek down to Wah-kaba falls or drive to the view point as I did.

Wah Kaba Falls

Photo of Wah-kaba Falls by Surabhi Sharma

The winters had these falls all dried, but I got an absolutely amazing view of our onlooking neighbors.

Seven Sister Falls (winters)

Photo of Seven Sisters Falls, Cherrapunjee by Surabhi Sharma

When travelling to Cherrapunjee, don't forget to take a little halt at this little village.


Photo of Mawkdok by Surabhi Sharma

This view is by far the most amazing view for a chai after a refreshing morning drive. Thankfully, it's just a bonus for you on the way to Sohra.

Mawkdok Dympep Valley

Photo of Mawkdok Dympep Valley View Point by Surabhi Sharma

Don't miss out this park just a little ahead of Khok Ramhah. If you're lucky, you're going to see clouds at the same level you're standing! Just wait for the right moment!
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