Highest peak you can climb in every Indian state


Once you climb a mountain you fall in love with them and all you want is to climb higher. But not everyone can climb those high mountains without going technical. For all of you who love getting high, we have a list of highest peaks in every Indian state that you can climb without having any mountaineering experience.

Arma Konda (5,512 ft)

Located in the Godavari river basin, Arma Konda is not only the highest peak in Andhra Pradesh but it is the highest peak in Eastern Ghats. Paderu village is the starting point of this trek. You can reach Paderu by bus from Vishakhapatnam. You have to trek for 6km before you finally reach the top and it could take 3-4 hours depending on your fitness. It is considered an easy trek and ideally done in winter months.

Hempeupet peak (5,734 ft)

Although this is the second highest peak in Assam, it is the one you can actually trek to. The highest peak in Assam, is an unknown peak with no trail to reach the top. The trek to Hempeupet peak starts from N. Leikul village, which is closest to Heflong. It takes around 2-3 hours to reach the top and 1 hour to get down.

Summit of Sela Pass (14,000 ft)

You can actually reach Sela pass by road as it is 80km from Tawang city. But little did anyone know there is a summit right next to it and it is actually the highest you can get in Arunachal Pradesh without a technical climb. You can reach Sela Pass from Tawang by hiring a taxi or using public transport as well.

Fort Someshwar (2,887 ft)

Located in the district of West Champaran on Someshwar hill is the fort and you can walk till the top without any trouble unless you have walking issues. West Champaran as it is well connected with other cities of Bihar.

Gaurilata peak (4,186 ft)

This peak lies in the Bailadila Range of Deccan Plateau. If you want to climb this peak you will have to reach Kirandul town of Dantewada district. Climbing this peak is no easy feat irrespective of its height. The area is Naxal affected and you might have to get permission of police and support of local tribes.

Sonsogor peak (3,353 ft)

Located in the beautiful Western Ghats, this is the highest peak in Goa and it is an easy trek. You have to reach Sattari, it is well connected with public transport and you can take bus from Panaji as well. It takes 2-3 hours to reach the top of the peak and the ideal season to do this trek is winters, rest of the seasons receives unpredictable rainfall.

Girnar (3,756 ft)

This is an important pilgrimage site for the people of Gujarat and you can climb it irrespective of this fact. Located in the district of Junagadh, you have to reach Girnar Taleti, from where the climb starts. You will see a lot of temples during the whole climb and there are more than 9,000 steps before you finally reach the top.

Karoh peak (4,813 ft)

Located close to Morni hills in the Shivalik range, Karoh peak is named after a local Hindu deity. You can reach the peak after a steep 2km trek and you will get a breathtaking 360 degree view of the surrounding hills once you reach the top. The trek begins from Chhamla-Daman-Thapli road and you can reach there from Chandigarh via Panchkula.

Kinner Kailash (19,800 ft)

This peak is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva and it is located in Kinnaur valley. The peak holds a religious significance because of a 79 ft long rock at the top , which is believed to be Shivling. The 2 day trek begins from Tangling, which is located close to Reckong Peo. It is considered to be a difficult trek and the total distance you cover is around 38km.

Stok Kangri (20,187 ft)

This trek takes around 8-10 days and it is to be done with a guide, that you can hire from Leh, or can be done with one of many tour operators offering this trek online. You have to be in good shape to do this as this is considered difficult.

Parasnath (4,482 ft)

Located in the Parasnath range of the Chota Nagpur plateau, this trek starts from Madhuban. You can reach Madhuban from Parasnath railway station and hire local guides to help you do it. It is a 9km trail one way and is easy enough to do in one day.

Parasnath Peak with Jain temples on top

Photo of Jharkhand, India by Travel Beings

Mullayanagiri (6,317 ft)

The base camp of this trek is in Sarpdari, Chikmaglur. Chikmaglur is 280km from Bangalore and it is well connected with other big cities of Karnataka. The trail is through forests and meadows, and there's hardly any water source available on this trek, so you have to carry enough water of your own. This is an easy trek of around 4km and you can do it in a day.

Anamudi (8,133 ft)

Outside of Himalayas Anamudi is the highest peak in India. Situated in the heart of Eravikulam National Park in Munnar, you also witness numerous rare wildlife species on this trek. You will have to pay entrance fee for the National park and you can do this trek on your own after taking information/guidance from forest officials.

Dhupgarh (4,429 ft)

Panchmarhi, a well known hill station in the heart of India, is also home to the highest peak in Madhya Pradesh. You will, however, need a permit to visit Dhupgarh, the climb is easy but it gets steep at some points. Once you reach the top there is a sunset point from there you can watch beautiful sunsets.

Kalsubai (5,400 ft)

Surrounded by lush green forests, a trek to this peak is a surreal experience for nature lovers. Bari village is the base camp and the nearest town is Kasara, which is well connected by rail and road from other cities of Maharashtra. This is an easy trek, except for a few stretches, where the climb is very steep. Steel railings, steps and chains are provided at such points.

Mount Iso (9,823 ft)

The heavenly Dzuko valley, which lies in states of Manipur and Nagaland, is also the home of highest peak of Manipur. Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA) organises this trek, you can do this on your own by hiring local guides. You have to reach Senapati District in Manipur, which is well connected by buses, to embark on this adventurous trek.

Shillong peak (6,447 ft)

Located just 10km from the city of Shillong city, it is one of the two peaks on our list which can be done by a car or a vehicle. If you want to trek here that is also an option. You can hire a taxi from the Shillong to reach this peak. From the top you get a spectacular view of the city, waterfalls, the Himalayas and you can also see Bangladeshi plains from here.

Phawngpui peak (7,103 ft)

Also know as the Blue Mountain, this is the highest peak in Lushai Hills. Located very close to the Indo-Myanmar border, the trek to this peak begins from Sangau village. It is a long 20km trek to the peak from Sangau, there is also an option to drive the first 13Km but you have to hire a private jeep for this. This trek is easy to moderate and can be done in a day if you take the option of driving first 13km.

Mount Saramati (12,602 ft)

This is another mountain peak closer to the Indo-Myanmar border. The trek begins from Thanamir village and the closest town connected will all the big cities are Pungro. Once you reach Thanamir you find a guide from the village itself. It is a 7-8 hour trek from village to base camp, and you have to stay overnight in the hut at the base camp. From base camp it is another 6-7 hours to the peak. This trek is in the moderate category with some steep stretches.

Deomali (5,486 ft)

Deomali, the highest mountain peak of Odisha is in Koraput district. You have to reach Remiliguda town and from there a road leads to Deomali peak. It goes till a few kilometres before the peak, you have to trek for an hour before you finally reach the top of the peak.

Unnamed Peak (3,281 ft)

There are no mountains in Punjab except for a few close to the Himachal border, the ones you witness en-route to Manali. The highest peak in Punjab is on the road to Naina Devi, right off the Chandigarh-Manali highway as soon as you enter Himachal Pradesh. Since there are no spectacular views from the top and the peak is not high, it doesn't even have a name.

Guru Shikhar (5650 ft)

The famous hill station of Rajasthan, Mt Abu, is also the home of highest peak in Rajasthan. Mt.Abu is well connected with all the big cities of Rajasthan and once you reach here, you have to climb about 800 steps to reach the top of the peak. Once you reach the top you get the best view of Aravalli Range, also there is a temple at the top with a rich.

Mount Brumkhangshe (18,487 ft)

Sikkim is home to the highest peak in India, Kanchenchunga, but the highest non technical summit in the state is Mt. Brumkhangshe. Located in the Yumthang Valley, this trek runs through dense forests and some snowy trails. The best time to do this is during the month of April and October. It is a difficult trek and takes 8-10 days to do this trek.

Doddabetta (8,648 ft)

The highest peak in Nilgiri mountains, lies in the forest reserve of Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. The peak is summit-able by a vehicle, an option of trek is also available. The road condition is not very good and it is advised to trek if you want to enjoy reaching the top. The best time to visit the peak is early morning as you get a spectacular view of the sunrise from here.

Doli Gutta (3,166 ft)

This peak lies in the Deccan plateau, bordering between Jayashankar district in Telangana and Bijapur district in Chhattisgarh. You have to reach Pamunuru village to start you trek. The village is only accessible by road. You have to hike 4km from the base to reach the top and it is a basic trek which can be done anytime during the year.

Betlingchhip (3,051 ft)

One of the famous attractions of Jampui Hills, this peak is a paradise for bird watchers. You will have to take a cab from the nearest airport in Agartala to reach Jampui Hills. The journey through Jampui hills is full of Orange plantations, beautiful valley and waterfalls. If you are planning to go to Betlingchhip, you should align your dates with the famous Orange Festival of Tripura.

Amsot Peak (3,140 ft)

A tiny part of the Shivalik range enters Uttar Pradesh and that tiny part is home of highest peak of the state. Amsot peak is not really known to a lot and it could get really hard to find it. The peak lies on the border of Uttarakhand on the Saharanpur-Chakrata road. A small town Timli on the borders of the two states is home for this peak.

Mount Bhanoti (18,520 ft)

Located in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand, a trek to this peak is a difficult one and takes 15-18 days. Having prior high altitude trekking experience for this trek is a must. It is to be done with an organiser, as you pass through some very difficult terrain. The best time to do this is from June to September, the trail is covered under heavy snow for the rest of the year

Sandakphu (11,929 ft)

Jaubari is the base camp for this trek, which is in Darjeeling district. This is considered to be one of the most beautiful trek in India, as you have to pass through rhododendron forests with a 360 degree view of snow-capped mountains. The trek is of moderate difficulty and can be done in 6-7 days.

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