5 Tips About Cancun Tour

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The extraordinary temptations

The Cancun island is home to two crystal clear beaches and is practically divided into two segments: which is the hotel zone and El Centro or the city of Cancun. The hotel zone is intended to welcome tourists with a multitude of hotels, restaurants, markets, detachable aquatic activities, and Cancun car rental. Your travel agency can serve you with reservations. The charges vary from hotel to the other. The El Centro is the city of ​​the local population and is often thronged by foreigners because of its fantastic festivals and cultural activities.

mystifying white sand and large transparent water bodies

The mystifying white sand and large transparent water bodies at Cancun encourage many water sports. You can snorkeling and swimming near dolphins on all beaches and especially in places like the Xcaret Nature Park, Xel Ha, and include the Isla Mujeres. But that's not all. If you don't want to swim in crystal clear water, try horse riding, golf, kayaking, etc. The Xcaret Natural Park, located about 35 km from Cancun, contains breathtaking coral formations and exceptional Mayan temples. The south of Cancun invites you to discover the rare and varied species of wildlife of the Sian Ka Biosphere Reserve.

The climate condition

The climate of the place is mild all year with more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit for 330 days. The average temperature in summer ranges from 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The god of rain is ruthless during March and April when there are few or more showers during the rest of the month. The climate condition of the place is such that it enhances the activity of golf throughout the year.

History and culture

Coming to history and culture, the Mayan ruins and archaeological sites of Mexico are a must for the eyes. Tulum, a site located near Cancun, is considered the first lighthouse in the world. The chicken Itza site which houses some of the strange Mayan ruins and the El Castillo pyramid is undoubtedly a destination to visit.

Cultural activities such as the original Mexican dance at the Folklorico Nacional Ballet of Mexico City, shopping and other outdoor activities on the small island, Isla Mujeres, and more, deserve to be seen and visited on Mexican soil.

Nightclubs such as Senor Frogs, The Boom, Congo Bongo and El Palacio Park at El Centro offer succulent cuisine with delicious drinks, laser shows, and soft music. Cancun has more than 400 restaurants offering a variety of dishes ranging from seafood to Italian, Japanese, Caribbean, and American dishes.

Precautions and improvements

Once you have decided to visit Cancun, be sure to immunize against hepatitis A and B, typhoid and rabies. This is to avoid the risk of diarrhea, malaria, and any contact with wild animals during your visit. The CDC's Disease Prevention and Control Centers recommend that tourists, in particular, focus on total body hygiene, which involves washing hands and brushing regularly. To drink bottled water and not buy food from street vendors. Chloroquine should be stored to prevent malaria infection.

Finally, keep a pair of sunglasses, sun protection creams, summer clothes, and a photo ID or birth certificate before taking your flight to Cancun.