5000 Km in 5000 Rs over 10 days ? Doable ??? Certainly YES !!!

5th Feb 2017

There was war of words when my brother asked me to do this, In the beginning ,I got convinced with challenge and then I rejected. When I rejected it, something was going through my mind asking not to try this and fall into the trap, this might by risky. But somehow over the next couple of weeks, this kept bothering me, I wanted to try, I was scared, nervous but I thought Hell Yeah !!! I will do it. Over these two weeks, I spoke with lot of friends, checked many things online on what to do, where to go etc, then after enough research, I got to a basic trip story so I decided to go to Jammu which would solve the distance problem and eventually the number of days. Now the challenge is money. Having solved 2 problems, I decided with this, Asked brother to book a ticket to Jammu. It costed Rs 850 and he gave me back 4150 Rs for the rest of my journey

Day 1

DAY-1 Vijayawada

On a sunday early morning through andaman express the trip started I signed off from home and unsure of what the next 10 days are in store for me. The trip was moving slowly since the train was moving slower than that. This is one of the longest trains in India, this covers Chennai to Jammu in close to 56 hours. I had my lunch at Vijayawada which was looking was eventually my evening snack as well. Day At end of the 1st day balance Rs4010.

Photo of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India by anirudh
Day 2

DAY-2 So called Poori Day

Then comes the poori day for me . All that I had throughout the day was Poori - Breakfast,lunch and dinner was poori sabji. Over the day, I met couple of guys who were traveling to Delhi for an interview, they are going there for the first time and I was showing off my Delhi skills and must see places to them. Then I told them about my reason for traveling and like every other friend of mine, they were also dumbstruck.

By the end of the day the balance amount was Rs3850.

poori sabji@rs30

Photo of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India by anirudh
Photo of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India by anirudh
Photo of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India by anirudh
Day 3


I woke up the morning with a shock. People screaming in the train as the person who was sleeping next to me in the upper berth of the same bay whose wallet was stolen.Since that incident I was extremely scared and was wondering If I could even complete my trip. I was thinking of getting stranded in Jammu like Aravind Swamy of Roja. But a person should have a good of respect towards fear. You should always chase your fear to celebrate success :) From that time I used to lock my baggage in my berth with a chain.

Punjabi naastha-Moongi dal -namma oru vada puthina chatiney@rs 20

Photo of Ludhiana, Punjab, India by anirudh

Roti dal @rs40-lunch at jammu tawi station

Photo of Ludhiana, Punjab, India by anirudh

Then by evening I reached Katra. Finally after 60 off hours, I got down off the train and felt like was away from millions of kilometers but it was only 2800km. Since there was no signal in my mobile, mine being a prepaid, I could not tell anyone where I am or what am I doing.

Photo of Katra by anirudh

I reached the base of the vaishnavo devi known as banganga.

check point for jai mahadi

Photo of Katra by anirudh

I started walking but given the amount of steep it was, it felt like climbing more than walking.

Photo of 5000 Km in 5000 Rs over 10 days ? Doable ??? Certainly YES !!! by anirudh

Then I walked through the path and on the way I used to ask people about the way and If I would get any rooms over there in bhavan. I didn't want to spend Rs 500 for a room. I wanted a dorm types which would be good enough. During the journey for every 1km, I used to inquire with people about the rooms. At the half way mark I thought of staying there itself but If I stay there,then morning I have to cover those remaining kms and it always better accomplish a work by same day instead of extending to next which I thought of superior decision. I was very sceptical and was little worried 1) because of unkown territory and 2) no mobile phone. On the way there was person who I enquired for remaining distance and striked a conversation with him throughout the remaining journey. He made my day when he told "you have a lot grit and determination to come over all alone for first time". That was the moment I realized that I can be very proud of what I have achieved. Then I reached bhavan and got an dormitory for Rs140.

By end of the day I had Rs3550

Day 4


Photo of Vaishno Devi by anirudh

By morning when I woke up ,I heard that hot water is available for bath but after pouring the 1st mug only I realised that it was like cold water which I get in Chennai during winter. Then I got the darshan of vaishnavo devi. Spent sometime in the temple, amidst the calmness recollecting all that I have been doing and writing them down. Then I decided to get down and reached the banganga by 1'clock around .

cholo kulche @rs15

Photo of Vaishno Devi by anirudh

After reaching katra station I have decided to go to Shimla, Why Shimla ? Absolutely no reason why not right ? I have all the time and money (Oh no !!! money I don't have but yeah time) So I enquired train to Kalka,he informed me that there is a train at night and also berth was available.Then I killed my time by watching couple of tamil movie which I had in my phone.

pani poori at irctc food restaurant@rs 30

Photo of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra, Katra by anirudh

This was the costliest dinner which I had in my trip at Katra railway station

roti dal and paratha at rs100

Photo of 5000 Km in 5000 Rs over 10 days ? Doable ??? Certainly YES !!! by anirudh

The balance amount was Rs3000.

Then I boarded the train to kalka and after reaching Pathankot the mobile network was back. Some amount of relief and all my loved ones started calling and I had some 500 unread messages on whatsapp(Mostly Unwanted group messages)

DAY-5 Kalka-Shimla-Kalka

Photo of 5000 Km in 5000 Rs over 10 days ? Doable ??? Certainly YES !!! by anirudh
Day 5

I reached Shimla by bus from Kalka and it was nearly 4 hours of journey. Then I roamed around streets of Shimla.

St.Michaels church,simla

Photo of Simla, Himachal Pradesh, India by anirudh

mall street

Photo of Simla, Himachal Pradesh, India by anirudh
Photo of Simla, Himachal Pradesh, India by anirudh

I enquired the people over there to reach Kufri and they told that there is no snow over there and it will require a taxi to reach .Since I can't afford a taxi,I decided to leave from Shimla. From there I came by toy train which was quite different experience.

toy train from simla to kalka

Photo of 5000 Km in 5000 Rs over 10 days ? Doable ??? Certainly YES !!! by anirudh

By midnight I reached chandigarh and stayed at the waiting room.

The balance amount was Rs2600

So exactly midway through my journey I have spent half of my money. Certainly a very good job !!! Was patting myself on my back

DAY-6 Chandigarh to Mumbai

Photo of 5000 Km in 5000 Rs over 10 days ? Doable ??? Certainly YES !!! by anirudh
Day 6

I decided to go to Mumbai because I wanted to surprise my nephew and niece the next day morning, I boarded the train to Mumbai and even now my tickets got confirmed :) I'm a lucky soul. So I spent the whole day traveling through Rajasthan and Gujarat. Had my lunch and dinner at pantry car. It is a good decision to have just 2 meals a day than 3.

Remaining balance at the end of the day - Rs2000

DAY-7 Mumbai-chembur

Photo of Chandigarh, India by anirudh
Day 7

By afternoon I reached Panvel and boarded local train to Chembur.I gave a pleasant suprise to cousin sister over there. By reaching Chembur I have accomplised by goal of 5000kms but I need to cover 10days .Remaining amount Rs1900

Photo of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by anirudh
Day 8

DAY-8 Mumbai

vada pav -mumbai special breakfast

Photo of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by anirudh
Day 9

Though I stayed at my cousin's place, I paid them back by driving them around Mumbai. My arunachalam moment when Thalaivar gives the last 15k cheque to Ramba. Same way to stay at my cousin's place I did this !!! Then roamed around pheonix mall and boarded train by Mumbai mail and got the reservation. Now this is where the restlessness begins where I was very desperate to reach home as soon as possible. I wanted to have my Puliyadorai and Potato curry.

DAY-9 Mumbai to Chennai

Then the final journey comes and I met a co-traveller ,we discussed about studies ,future and past education. He was from Pune travelling to Chennai for an interview and he was enquiring me about places that can visited in Chennai ,food and those stuffs.He also explanied about his jobs and then how does management sector works and gave me a hint of what his daily work would be and MBA also seemed an interesting career :)

busy guntur station

Photo of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India by anirudh
Day 10

DAY-10 Chennai

The challenge which was accepted and successfully accomplished.The goal was to cover 5000kms but I have covered 6410kms in 10days with total amount of Rs4500.

This was by far my greatest ever accomplishment. Changed my perspective of lot of things. Made me a more tougher person. Taught be how to be without a mobile for a couple of days. Talk to real people and hear their perspectives. Made me so grounded. I'm so glad that I did this. Thanks to everyone

Photo of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India by anirudh
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