Amazing Lanka!

13th Aug 2016
Day 1

This blog post talks about my journey to Lanka! With a handful of expectations I started from Mumbai, an early morning flight @2:40am to Colombo. I landed in Colombo, with no Sri Lankan currency at all, just because I left the conversion part for airport but was late and it was either converting the money or missing my flight. So, obviously I chose my flight.

As I had my friend waiting for me at the airport, this choice was an easy to make choice. We meet in Colombo at around 4:45 am. We were super hungry. So, this is how I started our journey in Sri Lanka, empty stomach and an empty wallet. Came out of the airport found pretty much nothing to eat but a loooot of cabs, who will overcharge but ultimately drop you. Since, I had read a couple of articles before and had Google Maps, we directly walked to the bus stop which was around 2Km from the airport.

Took a bus to Kandy. This ones a 5 hours bus. While enjoying the view around was trying to understand the language on the Television in the bus. Yes you read it right! A TV! Some music channel was on and to our surprise I heard "Sheila ki jawani". Post listening to that song I somehow felt super comfortable in the bus ride.

Finally, we reached Kandy, in the central province of Lanka. Nice weather. But we were still hungry, remember! We got down on the bus stop to have some food. And the food we had wasn't from KFC but was sure finger licking good.

Photo of Kandy, Central Province, Sri Lanka by Shweta Dongare

The colourful tuk tuk's made my day.

Kandy is a small town located in the center of Sri Lanka. A very busy town, or so it seems. People running around everyone. Difficult to cross roads. I tried my hand on the timelapse feature in my phone.

Day 2

After this one we started our journey to Nuwara Eliya, my favourite. We reached there by train, it's an amazing journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Luckily for us the temperature was 14• that day.

A snap from the train: Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

Photo of Nuwara Eliya, Central Province, Sri Lanka by Shweta Dongare

We trekked about 3-4 KM to watch and a superb waterfall called Lover's Leap waterfall.

Lover's leap waterfall

Photo of Lover's leap Waterfall, Nuwara Eliya, Central Province, Sri Lanka by Shweta Dongare

After collecting the views and fresh air from this waterfall we moved to see the Pedro tea factory. After a ride of the factory, we got to taste a wonderful Ceylon tea (without sugar/milk).

Photo of Pedro Tea Factory, Nuwara Eliya, Central Province, Sri Lanka by Shweta Dongare
Day 3

Then came the fun point, beaches :) We started our journey from Nuwara Eliya to Matara beach in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. An awesome town and beach. We reached there around the sunset time and that would definitely be one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.


Photo of Matara, Southern Province, Sri Lanka by Shweta Dongare
Day 4

Another mesmerizing beach, Mirrisa! Just 12 KM from Matara. Before even reaching our hostel we went to the beach. A curvy beach with dozens of restaurants and bars on the shore. Just the best place to spend your evening, get rid of all the worries and relax!

Mirrisa Eye!

Photo of Mirissa, Southern Province, Sri Lanka by Shweta Dongare
Day 6

Moving to Galle, the last point destination in Lanka! Both sad and happy feelings at the same time. After reaching Galle, the sadness kind off vanished after looking at a completely different environment. This ones like a modernised beach in Galle. With the train and bus station near the beach. Also, just a small walk and you will end up the Galle International Stadium. We couldn't enter because the entry fees was kind off out of budget for us. But saw it from a hill, and trust me it's huge!!

We stayed in Hikkaduwa, a small town near Galle. Where the road, the train track and the beach are parallel. A lovely sight!

Photo of Hikkaduwa, Southern Province, Sri Lanka by Shweta Dongare
Day 7

The next day sadly, we had to leave. We had gone back to Negombo for spending the night in this guest house near the airport. And an wonderful journey thus came to an end!

Day 8

But, I sure promise to visit Sri Lanka, again!!

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