The Taj Mahal

23rd Sep 2019
Day 1

Me and my friend boarded off the train at around 12 PM. We had our room booked where where we took some rest, had a delicious lunch and then at around 4 o' clock we headed straight for The Taj Mahal. We hired a cab first and then by a government electric vehicle we were dropped at the entrance of the Taj Mahal. We got the tickets and we are ready to see the wonder.

Before the Taj Mahal appeared, there was this giant entrance with beautiful artistic works on it which itself  showed how creative and hard-working were our ancestors. I mean we do simple tiny things and think that we are really great at it but being at a place like this showed us that how good can we be.

Passing by this, we took further steps through the entrance and with every step inside, the wonder started to appear, the gorgeous white structure that stood like and angel in the middle, leaving all others baffled. When I saw it from a distance, I just kept looking at it. People were taking their pictures of of themselves with the Taj, but I just couldn't take my eyes off it. It felt really dreamy. There were no words, no thoughts, no anxiety or tension in my mind. All of a sudden I was just thankful to the world that I'm part of it. With each step towards the main structure, I was getting more and more hypnotized. Me and my friend hardly exchanged any words, we just sank in the aura of the place.. Literally once you step into the place, you start to feel that positive energy. We didn't realize when the time flew away. The sun went down and we had to walk away from the The Taj Mahal, but eyes were still on this huge majestic, mesmerizing, hypnotizing beauty. There were no words but my heart said to the Taj Mahal, that we will come again without any doubt.

Before, I always believed that nothing like love at first sight really exists, it just attraction that we mistake with love. But when I had the last view of the Taj Mahal, which appeared tiny through its entrance view, I understood what the poets meant from love st first sight. That bye to the place, was filled with peace and faith, with no negative feelings.

The view of Taj Mahal from it's entrance.

Photo of The Taj Mahal by DHRUTIKANTA SAHOO
Photo of The Taj Mahal by DHRUTIKANTA SAHOO
Photo of The Taj Mahal by DHRUTIKANTA SAHOO