2nd Mar 2016
Day 1

We reached port Blair from chennai through Airways. We were arranged with a cab to drive us from airport to our resort "megapode",which was decent and value for money. U can select the type of room as per ur budget. Its ocean view was awesome. Clean space. Loved it, i decided to stay in this place though out my trip.
After reaching our rooms, we got fresh n left for sightseeing.
We went for watching light and sound show at Central jail,which gives the history of the place and people who fought for India independence.

Day 2

Morning we left 2 other islands "NORTH BAY" N "ROSS". We were transported in a cruise to ross Island first, this is the island which took the maximum effect of tsunami n helped protecting the capital island port Blair. One can find a huge trees uprooted there, peacocks and squirrels and deers 🦌,also u can enjoy the crystal clear beaches.
 Ross Island was erstwhile capital of Port Blair during the British regime, it now stands an imposing relic, with the structure almost in debris. A small museum displays photographs and other antiques of the Britishers, relevant to these islands.
After few hours of time the same cruise navigated further to NORTH BAY island.
This is the island 🏝 whose picture could be seen on our 20rs note of Indian currency.
We did many water activities like snorkeling, sea walk, glass boat watch n swimming.
My best n superb experience was sea walk. The organiser of sea walk took us far from the coast for few km where the sea bottom is more than 30m, made us to wear the equipments and should jump into ocean, it took us inside deep down the sea to walk on the sea bed n watch many different species of fish 🐠 🐟and corals. He clicked few pictures too n that was included in his package. One must definitely do this.

Snorkeling is kind a swimming but we can swim deep down as we have a equipment with pipe to breathe for longer time keeping our heads down and watching the aquatic creatures n corals.
Glass boat is a kind of experience for people who are afraid to do both the above activities or for who are afraid of getting into water.
Boat with glass bottom n glass walls , so that the person can sit inside the boat n watch the sea life.

With all this experience we went back to port Blair.

Day 3

Early morning we were arranged with government ferry ⛴ tickets from our hotel manager as i had requested him a day before (else one must stand a queue n get it) to HAVELOCK ISLAND.
OMG its a hours journey from port Blair to havelock, nothing can be seen other than water everywhere n how far ever ur eyes can see its just water. Blue water n few hills which are faaaaaarrrrrr faaaaarrrrr away.
One can plan to stay in this island for a day to experience the sea dive as many times as you want.

Times Magazine rated radhanagar Beach as finest beach among the best beaches in Asia. It is an ideal place for swimming, sea bathing and basking on the sun kissed beach. 

This is one of the best places in world for scuba dive.

We went for sightseeing first, RADHANAGAR Beach 🏖 is one of the cleanest beaches in world. It's was very calm clean and lovely. We had a great romantic time there relaxing on beach side.

Then by noon we came for scuba diving, there are many categories depending on time of diving like 1hr dive, 1.5hr dive etc and also on dept of the sea.

After choosing the type, we were assigned with a guide n given with the costumes n equipments. Guide took us to ocean n helped in wearing those n made us learn operating the oxygen mask n thought few signs which are basic in scuba diving.(people with breathing problems are not allowed to do this)

Few minutes of training then we were took into the sea going down n down inside.

Believe me it was a complete beautiful different world.

One must do this in their life time. As again they took few pictures n small videos of us doing scuba diving.

This is why I came andaman Islands. My first ever scuba dive. Wow... I could nvr forget it in my life tym. After coming out of scuba i was feeling like a warrior, like i have conquered something, i have achieved something. It was my blady dream of years. Yes i did it. I was so very much content.

With all this exaggerated feelings, evening we went back to port Blair again in the cruse. I was totally tired this day,playing in beach n excessive happiness of scuba diving.

We had a awesome candle light buffet in our hotel this night.

And this was our last night in andaman.

Day 4

We were up in early morning, we did shopping in the city, visited sagarika museum which showcase the tribal culture of many islands of andaman n also it tells about their history.
Visited the central jail again n few aquarium museums.
Then we were dropped to airport for our flight to Bangalore.

Port Blair is the capital of andaman, limited flights per day as the airport is also military base for them. One can find variety of stay respectively for their budget, pocket friendly accommodation could be find.
Food is slightly costly as each n every ingredients are shipped from tamil nadu via ship. One can find wide range of sea food but im a vegetarian so couldn't explore tht part of andaman.
One could reach port Blair by ship also from tamil nadu but it takes 7days to reach andaman.

We can plan andaman trip by own, no necessary of trip planner, only thing in which u need help is to book the cruises n ferry tickets for your trip to other islands.

There are 572 islands in andaman,among which 32 are inhabited, among them only few are open for tourists. Many other islands are still having tribal people in them and those tribals never allow outside people in to their islands. Those are very dangerous places too.

And of course let's not disturb the nature of their place too..

Peace and love guys.😍

Keep travelling ✌️