At These Rare Beaches, You’ll Find Sand That’s Naturally Green


Beautiful Green Beaches on Earth

Photo of At These Rare Beaches, You’ll Find Sand That’s Naturally Green by Anshul Sharma

There's hardly an artist better than nature when it comes to using colours to create 'masterpieces'. The mauve hues in the sky during sunsets, those deepest shades of blue of the oceans, the perfect whites of glaciers, the multi-coloured corals–the list goes on forever!

And when it comes to getting awed by the natural wonders, we can't leave beaches out of the discussion for long, can we? Apart from the sweeping views of seemingly endless seas, the different colours of sand is one of many unsaid things of joy for all the beach lovers in the world.

So, before you get busy planning your next beach holiday, we want you to know about the three rare beaches in the world where sand is naturally green.

1. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

If you are one of those who love shades of green in nature, Papakolea Beach is the one place that should be on top of your bucket list. Also popular amongst beach lovers from all over the world as Green Sands Beach, this stunning attraction is located close to Puʻu Mahana volcano in Kaʻū district of Hawaii.

This rare natural wonder was created around 50,000 years ago by olivine-rich sand that kept getting eroded from the nearby cone of the volcano.

Accessible only by foot, the Green Sand Beach is surrounded with expansive pastures. The path to the beach is quite a rugged descent, but the views of vast blue ocean waves splashing against the green sandy beach is a sight to behold.

Nearest Airport

Kona International Airport, Hawaii

Best time to visit

September-October, around noon.

2. Talofofo beach

When it comes to one of the most beautiful yet least known beach destionations in the world, Guam can just not be ignored. However, there is a hidden gem in this tiny country that even the most seasoned travellers are not aware of; Talofofo Beach.

Also considered as the best spot for surfing in Guam, Talofofo beach is bestowed with unique shade of green which can be witnessed distinctly on a fine sunny day. The reason behind the green colour of the beach is the accumulation of olivine crystals from the volcanic eruptions.

The surrounding walls of high limestone cliffs just add to the beauty of this pristine and peaceful site. So if natural beauty, adventure, and some privacy is what you like, then you must visit Tolofofo Beach.

Nearest Airport

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam

Best time to visit

Jan-May, afternoon.

3. Punta Cormorant beach, Galápagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean not only make for one of the most spectacular beach destinations in the world but also the best place for wildlife lovers. But what if we tell you these islands have one of rare naturally green sandy beaches in the world? Well, if you're already fascinated, Punta Cormorant beach is the place you should be heading to.

Not just the gorgeous green sandy beach, you also get to watch the sea turtles lazing around and sting rays swishing through shallow waters  not very far from you. The picturesque sunset views, the surrounding hills, the bright green sand, and the fewer tourists. Isn't that all you want as a beach lover?

Nearest airport

Seymour Airport, Baltra

Best time to visit


4.) Hornindalsvatnet, Norway

Well, it's not really a beach, but how does it matter! The Hornindalsvatnet Lake in Norway, which is also the deepest lake in Europe, is surrounded with naturally green sand.

Formed by glacial movement over the years, this picturesque fjord lake has vast amounts of  minerals which also give the surrounding sandy shores a natural tinge of green.

And unlike other green sandy beaches in the world, a visit to this lake doesn't require you get sunscreens!

Yes, that's all about the green beaches in the world. That's how rare such bewitching places are. And that's why every beach lover must have these gorgeous beaches on their bucket list. Think we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.

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