Stunning Red Sand Beaches Around The World That Must Be On Your Bucket List


For most of us, the perfect beach experience involves walking on cotton soft white sand and watching the waves kiss the shore. However, if you've been to the beach too many times and are looking for a change up, I have just the suggestion for you. Stunning red sand beaches around the world are waiting to be explored. While most beaches are calming to the eyes, these stark red beaches add the perfect degree of drama to your travel adventures.

Here are some of our favourite red sand beaches from around the world. Have you visited any?

Prince Edward Island is a province in Canada which is the smallest and least populated province of the country. This small island boasts of 1,100 km of shoreline that is dotted with beaches. The sandstone cliffs lend the beaches a beautiful red colour. You'll be left marvelling at the way the red stands in contrast to the deep blue of the ocean.


If you're an Anne of Green Gables enthusiast, you can take a complete Green Gables tour on the island. This is where the novel is set.

Nearest airport

Charlottetown Airport that is located within the island is the most convenient way to reach the island.

Located in South America's enchanting Ecuador, Rabida Island forms a part of the Galápagos Islands. It is also referred to as Jervis Island and is visited for its volcano-red beaches and rich forest cover. In spite of its unique beauty, the beach receives a low foot fall of tourists. You will be fascinated to see the flora on the island. The cacti here don't have spikes since there are no land animals that they need protection from.


Take a hike around the island to spot rare flamingoes, sea lions, white-cheeked pintails and finch.

Nearest Airport

To reach Rabida Island, Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito and Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil are most suitable. You will get a flight to these airports from mainland Ecuador.

One of the most breathtaking beaches in the exotic Hawaii, Kaihalulu Beach is worth a visit. This red sand beach can be reached after a short hike over a mountain. The moment you reach the top of the mountain and behold the beach for the first time, you will be blown away. The sight of minty-blue ocean waters and white-capped waves that crash onto the fiery shore will make you feel like you've stepped onto Mars.


This is a clothing optional beach!

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is Hana Aiport, and an alternative is Kahului Airport.

Santorini is known for its signature Grecian colours – the sapphire blue of the magnificent Aegean Sea and the milky white Lego-like houses. However, within Santorini, there lies a majestic anomaly, the Red Beach. The hike to the beach takes you through a rocky terrain that will give you a peep into the playful drama of red and blue.


You can purchase handmade jewellery at the entrance of the beach.

Nearest Airport

Santorini National Airport situated in Santorini is where you should land.

Morocco is a gem of a country. If you're planning a trip and wondering what all to see and unsure of what places to pack in on your visit, know that the Legzira Beach has to be on the list! This stunning red sand beach is known for unique rock formations that are also blood red in colour. In addition, you can also enjoy sea food at the many eateries available at the beach front.


You can hire Moroccan style tents, chairs and umbrellas to relax by the beach.

Nearest Airport

Sidi Ifni Airport is the closest you can fly to the beach.

So say bye-bye to boring white sand beaches, add a pop of colour to your travels by visiting these red sand beaches around the world.

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