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18th Sep 2018
Photo of Budget Travel by Vacation Girl Medha
Day 1

I was consistently looking a problem with the people around me who love travelling but couldn’t. Why..?? Bcoz they have issues with budget.

Vblogger update you with the place with there costly camera and Mavic air, but they never tell you the easy way of exploring.

When I looked into the matter, I tried to find the solution for this problem. So considering it as my first step 1 —-

I categorised travelling genre into 3 groups of low, mediocre and luxury zone.

In this blog I’m taking low and mediocre groups who want to explore the vacation zones. Read the following points and plan accordingly.

Take low budget transport, like sleeper class in trains and buses instead of taxies.

Feed yourself mostly at dhabas, they provide tasty and less costly food.

Choose dormitories or lodges over hotels, as mostly you will stay out for roaming and exploring the place.

Carry less luggage , heavy ones would lead in problem.

Always go for sport shoes or slippers.

Try getting touch with locals. They are always helpful.

If visiting and pilgrimage, try staying in trust run dharamshalas or places close to the temple.

Avoid travel guides and travel packages, 90% time they hamper your pocket, opt Google as your friend in such cases.

If travelling with older age or children keep medicines without forgetting.

Social media is a best friend in these cases. Get informations from YouTube like sites.

Try travelling in certain numbers like 4,6,10. They will always save your budget.

Famous places are always less costly. Opt them in your travel list.

Always try local cuisine or easily cooked stuff for eating.

I really hope you got an idea of How to plan your tours. Stay safe, stay updated and vacate a lot.

Always in your support .

The vacation girl.

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