French Delight,Spanish Delight And Italian Delight


Travellers here the yummy dishes and famous restrunants you don't miss.

1) French cuisine -

From 17th century Francois Pierre Ha Varenne and Mario-Antoine Carenee started developing France's own indigeneous style of cuisine. Cheese and wine play a major role in French cuisine.

Famous French dishes

Starters- Basil salmon terraine, French Onion soup, Croque Monsieur.

Main course - Pot au fev(French beef stew), Steak frites(Rib eye PAN fried and served with potatoes), Baguette(Thin loaf bread accompanied with French cheese).

Desert - Creme Broiler(custard topping in caramel), Mousse(whipped egg with caramel, fruits, herbs), Crepe(Pan cake made out of wheat flour).

French Restrunants at paris

A) Le Meurice - located at Rue De Rivoli, this restraunant has excellent ambience, mosaic floor, crystal chandeliers, which overlook Tuiteries Gardens. Crispy Green Ravoli, along with fricasse of snails and wild garlic, red wine, apple juice are famous dishes. Alleno cabbage from pontoons are famous.

B) Spring - Built in 17th century house format located at Rue Boilleus, this hotel is famous for Basque Country trout, avocado, coriander flowers and grilled prawns. Brett's-wine bar is a place to visit.

C) Ze Kitchen Galetie - situated at Rue Des Grands, this place has the ambience of art galleries, furnished with steel tables and chairs. Sardinian malloreddus pasta with Thai herbs, parmesan cream, grilled monk fish with aubergine marmalade are famous.

2) Spanish cuisine -

During 7the century BC, a culture known as Tartessor , used new agriculture techniques and Spain brought olives and grapes in their cooking. During Roman Empire, mushrooms were brought in Spanish cooking. Spanish cuisine has historical processes with culture and society. Famous Spanish dishes

La comics a large midday meal in Spain has several courses.

Starters - Andalusiah dish is a famous cold soup made out of five vegetables. Pasta or as salad makes the start all the more yummy.

Main course - Roast Lamb(adding garlic salt), Rice Brut(sausages and cheese), Stew(made out of fish), Rioja potatoes(dish with garlic and eggs).

Famous restraunants at Spain

A) Botin - atrqditional restrunant that offers Meditarrnean cuisine. It has an ambience of tiled floors, wood beams dining room. A fillet steak covers with mushrooms and sauce is famous. Cortadas coffee dessert is famous in this restraunant.

B) Cornucopia - a modern restrunant that offers international and very creative cuisine. The dining rooms are decorated with art exhibitions. Eight leaf salad, roasted vegetable lasagne, grilled sea bass with tomatoe salsa and herb cream sauce, grilled beef with baked potatoe and black chocolate almond taste are famous dishes.

C)La Buganvilla - a very traditional maritime theme restrunant that offers Meditarrean cuisine in a very elegant ambience. Buganvilla salad is very famous Arroz Minta a paella made with meat and seafood, noodles and rice are very famous.

3) Italian cuisine -

It is noted for regional diversity. It is characterised for simplicity, that has food to eight ingredients. Cheese and wine play a major part of the cuisine. Greek Sicilian was the first Italian food writer in 4th century BCE.

Famous Italian dishes

It is of 3 courses.

Starters - They are called Antipasto and Primo. Pasta, Risotto, Gnocchi and soup are had. They add cold appetisers too.

Main course - They are called seconds and contour In Italy. Fish and meat are the main dishes, pork and chicken are commonly used. Side dishes are salad and cooked vegetables.

Dessert - They are called Formaggioe Ferguson and dolce. Cheese with fruits form a beautiful tasty dessert cakes like Tiramisu and cookies are had.

Famous restrunants in Rome

A) Osteria Di Monteverde - located at Montevarde Nuovo, this hotel offers 8 course dinner with awesome ambience. Cooked fish, house wine and meat are famous.

B) Antica Pesa - located at rice Garibaldi at 17th century ambience this hotel is famous for old time snack bar, which offer yummy bread and wine. A beautiful garden where summers can be spent eating food is in built.

C)Quinzi and Gabriel - located at pantheon road this hotel is called the antique of Rome, for Rome square is visible from the terrace, where the tables are laid. Excellent and different variety fish and freshly cooked and served.

D) La Pergola - situated at Cavalieri Hilton Roof Garden, this hotel is famous for elegant cocktail bar, which has many Panasonic view of Rome city. It is famous for, Alfresco dining.

Planning our trips, relishing famous cuisines, booking tables in advance, having Panaromic views not only gives peace, but makes every travellers relish their travel.

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