Summer visits 3

6th Apr 2016
Day 1

It is known Sathe Abode of clouds. It is the capital of Meghalaya, situated at 6,449 feet. It is also called the Scotland of the East. Shillong lies in the Center of a plateau surrounded by Lum sohpetbweng, Lum Diengies and Lum Shillong. Sub tropical highland climate prevails in Shillong. Many travel up to Umroi airport and from there on take Shillong Bypass to reach Shillong. The best time to visit Shillong is summer.

A) Shillong peak - situated 10kms away from the city, this place is full of stunning views, lush greens and cascading waterfalls.
B) Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Culture - It is a museum that gives clear insight of history and culture. This place has a skywalk on top of the building.
C) Laitlum Canyons - It gives a view of Laitlum canyons. They have breath taking views of the hills.
D) Mawjymbuin caves - It is known as Mawsynram. There is one huge Shiva lingam and a thrill ambience exsist inside the caves.
E) Elephant Falls - It is known as Three steps waterfalls where a big stone resembles Elephant is situated near the Falls.

a) Famous things to buy
-Bamboo handicrafts - all kind of Bamboo items are sold. Chinese products are very famous here.
- Khasi scrub - They are eco friendly products in very good quality.
-Food items - spices and Modaks are very famous here
-Scottish Dress Materials - All mind of dress materials from Scotland are available in this market.
-Shawls - Manipuri shawls and Lungis are famous here.

B) Shopping Markets
-Bara Bazaar - They are known as Iewduh market, which sells, local handicrafts, vegetables, fish etc. Bamboo pickles are famous.
-Purba Shree - Local handicrafts and soveneirs are famous here. Art and craft of Meghalaya are displayed.
-Police Bazaar - A place for tribal arts and crafts.
-Kacheri road -A place for woven baskets.

C) Famous shops
-Nitraa - situated at Sabrum Road, it is a famous Furniture road
-Lewduh - situated at Bara Bazaar it is the famous place to shop all at one roof.
-Converse - a shop famous for shoes.

Authentic Khaisi and Jaintia food which comprises of meat and rice, steamed and boiled, garnished with minimum spices are served.
- Ja doh and Ja doh sham - rice dish with pot cooked meat are served.
-Turumbai - a fermented soybean chutney.
-Doh Jem - pork liver and intestines are served.
-Doh kha sdich- fish dishes

A) Popular eating markets
-police bazaar - Fee cee - Delhi Mistan Bhandar - Cherrapunji resorts - Chowmein GSRoad

B) Street food -
jalebis at Delhi Mistan Bhandar, police bazaar
Momos at GS road
Pineapples at Delhi Mistan Bhandar
Tea at many restrunants are famous, mouth watering street food.
Day 2
GANGTOK - Being the Municipal capital situated at Eastern Himalayan range, this hill station is a popular Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is situated at an elevation of 1650m. This place has mind temperature climate all through the year. The best time to visit Gangtok is in summer. It is famous for many honeymoon couples. One can reach Bagdogra West Bengal by flight and the drive up the mountain. There are trains available till New Jalpaogori fro then on buses take the travellers up the hill.

1) Nathulal Pass - It is called the silk route of India. The magnificent peak of Bhutan is visible.
2) RumTek Monsatery - A famous monastery far Tibetan Buddhist. The green landscapes, mild weather amidst the beautiful monastery attracts many travellers.
3) Khecheopatri lake - It is natural reservoir which has Tibetan prayer flags and inscriptions.
4) Ganesh Tok -A temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This place gives view of Mount Kanchenjunga and Raj Bhavan complex.
5) Himalayan Zoological Park - situated at Bulbuley it is famous for Red panda, musk deer, barking deer and Humalayan Black bear.

A) Things to buy
-Handicrafts and Handlooms
-Cane and Bamboo products
-Art work
-Sikkim Tea.

B)Shopping Markets
-MC Marg Road - a place that sells from A-Z
-New market -a place that sells Buddhist artifacts
-Lal Bazaar - It sells many eatables.
-Development Area -Famous for stationery items.

C) Famous shops
Sikkimese cups - attractive gift shop
Kandoika - book shops on Buddhism
-Namnang co-operative society - Sikkim dresses shopping items
-Temi tea - Darjeeling tea
-Rachna Books - best place to buy all kind of books.

Himalayan traditional food play a major part in Sikkim cuisine. Rice is the staple food. Meat is famous and authentically prepared. Depending on altitudinal variation, finger millet,barley, potatoe and soya beans are grown.
-Momos -a dumpling made out of meat/vegetable.
-Kinema - a soybean food
-Chhurpi - a traditional dairy product
-Mesu - a bamboo fermented dish
-Khalodal - made out of black gram
- Pakku - a mutton curry made out of setroti
-Chambray - a Nepali pulao

Beverages -Mohi -Dahi-Kodo OK jaanr(Millet beverage)-Raksh(distilled wine) -Gahun ko jaanr (fermented wheat).

Street food - momos-Pakku-Nepali style potatoe curry- sishnu(leaf soup).

Famous restrunants to eat
-Parivar restrunant - situated at MG Marg, it is a restrunant famous for Pav Bhajji and choke batura.
-Masala restrunant - situated at MG Marg it is famous for ambience and veggie
-Dynasty wine and dine - situated at Ropeway building it is famous for wine and very tasty food.
-Hotel Tibet - situated at Palzor stadium road it offers best traditional Nepali food.
-Zuri Baiguney - situated at West Sikkim it is very famous for coffee and French fries.

A life time visit to this place to beat the heat, feel the cool air, taste hot spicy food amidst the chillness rejuvenates your soul. Travellers don't miss this place.