Guesthouse Academia Danica - a beautiful hotel located at a stone's throwaway from Plitvice Lakes


I reached Plitvice Lakes somewhere in the afternoon and since covering it would require at least one half of the next day, I chose to nest here for the night. It is a stone's throwaway from the gate of Plitvice Lakes National Park (a 10 min walk at most).

And it was perhaps one of the best accommodations I have had till date! Excellent in-room facilities complimented by very warm and courteous staffs - highly efficient.

The owner even treated me to a free beer and fruits while i was waiting for my bus even after checking-out !! Really great humble people who run this property. Loved every minute of my stay. And they serve a special beer named Plitvicko Jezera which is indigenous and served ONLY at this property !

Guesthouse Academia Danica. Image courtesy;label=gen173nr-1DCAEoggJCAlhYSDNiBW5vcmVmaGyIAQGYATHCAQp3aW5kb3dzIDEwyAEM2AED6AEB-AECkgIBeagCAw;sid=925432147d2acab900e54fc7c75e66f3

Photo of Guesthouse Academia Danica, Rastovača, Zaklopača, Croatia by Devansh Dhar