Gwalior and Agra sneak off

1st Nov 2012

This trip was a tournament trip to Gwalior, without informing my parents. The journey kicked off from Ahmedabad, picking up team mates from places in Gujarat , changing trains in Bhopal and finally reaching Gwalior.

A group of 12 girls made it their without train reservations and in freezing winters Gujarat hadn't prepared us for.

Gwalior had a family's rule and their palace is one of the important places to see. Our main expedition was when between matches we made a day trip to Agra and back.

Agra made time slow down, the beauty of the place causes one to stop and look and then look again while thinking about the epic history of that place

Sadly , the Taj was closed that day , but the view from behind was beautiful enough o make us go back another time.

Agre Ka petha was happily brought back by all of us.

My happiest memories would be the Bhopal train interchange. there was so much uncertainity in the plans and we could formulate any plan and follow it through.

A brief outline and leaving the rest to plan out on its own was what made my trip all the more fun. The trip was maybe not as adventurous as trekking trips are but it being a total secret and the absolute freedom it gave me made it my best trip ever.

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