Kedarnath: The soul finder

21st May 2012
Photo of Kedarnath: The soul finder by Chaitali Taiwade
Day 1

Kedarnath is the most special place for me, so I decided to start with it. I visited Kedarnath in 2012 since then it has changed a lot because of the 2013 flood. It is the most beautiful place with average temperature of 8°C-12°C. The weather of kedarnath and the people of kedarnath makes the place more special. Kedarnath is a 16km trek from Gaurikund, Gaurikund is considered as a starting point for people travelling to Kedarnath. According to old mythology Gaurikund is the place where Gauriji meditated for 100 years to marry Shivji also people believe bathing in the kund of Gaurikund purifies their soul so they can move ahead to Kedarnath with a pure soul. The trek to Kedarnath takes 5-7hr if you hire a doliwali or a pithu or if you ride on a khacchar (a pony), some people climb but it takes almost 8-10hr to climb as the road is rocky and rough . On your way you will see snow covered mountain, jungle surrounding the area and a gushing river Mandakini. There are various stalls for the people to have tea and snacks. After reaching Kedarnath you can stay in a room or in a small lodge where they provide with food and hot water facility and they are really pocket friendly. The lodging area is few km away from temple, people also stay in Rambada which is the mid region of the trek and is cheaper option to stay. The hospitality of the people and the helpful nature of the Kedarnath people was the best part of my journey. Visit Baba Kedarnath temple which is so beautiful that it will surely make a special space in your heart, the temple is so beautiful and peaceful that you will want to stay there and it will literally make you feel boosted. The river, the people, the nature is a perfect combo for a traveller to have. Once you go Kedarnath i bet you will forget all the pain of the journey you did also the weather issues that you have faced because it is really the most beautiful place I have ever seen....