Kihim Beach

Photo of Kihim Beach by Robin Singh

On one Saturday evening, while looking for a nice place to spend time near Mumbai, I came across Kihim Beach. Kihim Beach is around 12km north of Alibag. It takes one hour by road from Mumbai baring the traffic. Check the Route via Road. One can also travel via sea from Mumbai to reach Kihim Beach. There are ferries starting from the Gateway of India in Mumbai to Kolgaon. Check the Ferry Route. Kolgaon is a docking place for ferries coming from Mumbai near Alibag and is quite a busy place. There are various eateries at the docking point to have some good food. One can easily take an auto or a cab for Kihim Beach from Kolgaon.

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Photo of Kihim Beach 1/3 by Robin Singh


Kihim is a small village to the north of Alibag and has a nice beach named Kihim Beach. The entrance to the beach is right in the middle and the beach can be divided into two halves from there. There was a lot of crowd towards my left and the right side was almost empty, I wondered why? The sand on the left is quite dark and on the right side of the beach one which is quite empty is quite bright.

I went to the left side of the beach which was quite crowded first. The beach was not clean and the sand was dark and wet. It was almost like mud on the beach. There were motor rides and horse rides for children on the beach. I took a walk around the beach to find a suitable place to sit on the sand but couldn’t. Then I moved towards the food stalls on the beach to get something to eat. There were some sheds made by the food stall vendors to sit. I took coconut water, ordered one plate of Maggy and sat under one of the shed. Be careful you are allowed to sit under the shed only if you buy something else they will charge you for that.

Photo of Kihim Beach 2/3 by Robin Singh

The Other Side

After sitting for a while and having some food I decided to go to the other half of the beach, the one on the right side of the entrance. I was completely surprised, it seemed I have come to a completely different beach. It was so much cleaner than the other side. The water was clean and the sand was so bright still there was hardly anyone on that side. As I walked along the beach I saw a string of coconut trees on the edge and there were wooden benches between every two trees. I sat on one of them and started enjoying the view ahead of me. It was so calm and relaxing.

Photo of Kihim Beach 3/3 by Robin Singh

Kihim beach is a great weekend gateway if you are in Mumbai. Take some snacks and spend some good time with family/friends on this nice beach. Make sure you go to the right side of the beach from the entrance if you really want to have a good time.

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